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RU StrANGelySEXual?CreativeJungPsychGradPlaysWithU

If you're looking for a special girl with the intellect and creativity to handle your UNIQUE interest, you've found her. I'm open minded, articulate, very sexual, and do complex and unusual fantasies exceptionally well. I've role played EVERYTHING imaginable, and have never turned anyone away because of their interest.

Fetishistic interests stimulate me, whether they are genre bound, or entirely unique. As a psych major, an original fantasy, even one not possible in material reality, that can be so compelling, as to replace sex itself as a source of primal stimulation, is a world I want to delve into! I feel the greatest satisfaction when I can take the fantasy beyond what even the most obsessed fetishist has imagined. Predominately, I succeed.

I'm interested in:

  • Anything and Everything our minds can create.

If you're passionate about what you're into, call me. I've been doing phonesex through most of my college years (I'm a psych major at UCLA) and I absolutely love it. The more unique an interest is, the more I get into the call. People with esoteric fetishes are more intriguing, more impassioned, and by FAR the most fun to play with. So if you've ever had a sexual fantasy nobody understands, I'm your girl! Call me. Let's make it real.

Kisses n' Kinky Thoughts,
Andrea ;)

I hope this helps! I know my limited availability has been frustrating. *Kisses!* LUV you guys! :)