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Hello, toy boy.
I already know how just the thought of a woman controlling you sexually leaves you feeling helpless and weak, even as your cock is getting harder and harder, and it is taking control of that thought, squeezing down into your hot little balls. Tease and denial will work to keep you on your knees for ME! And as you get harder your balls think more than your brains, and you become a dependent little sex Toy, a slut boy for my pleasure. You long to meet a woman who will take you there, a controlling woman who will not accept your denial because she owns you like property.
I will own your mind and your orgasms by manipulating your pavlovian responses to pleasure and pain. I am the ultimate blackmail mistress, fetish goddess, and RULER! I will teach you to accept and even enjoy the humiliation of my domination and complete authority over your body.You can't escape what I do to you.
I am here for intimate conversations with real men. I never respond to emails telling me about you. You can do that when you call me to the extent I am interested in knowing. You will have some idea of why you are calling me and what you want to talk about or I will hang up. I'm not a psychic nor do I do maon and groan calls where all you say is "yeah." I get bored easily so if you aren't up to the task of playing my game and keeping me happy, just move on. It's a big world.
Brainwashing, hypnosis, humiliation tolerance training, strict sexual dominance. I have you by the dick.That's all the leverage I need to pull you into my world.

Mistress Ann’s personal pleasures include, but are not limited to:

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