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: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Femdom Therapist


Addicted to Financial Domination?

Chronically masturbating to thoughts of blackmail, humiliation & financial self-immolation?

Heal yourself from your obsessions & addictions.

Put yourself in the hands of an experienced, mature & qualified Domina who can help you break free from that downward spiral of predatory phone sex operators, high stakes blackmail mistresses, video clip girls, greedy strippers and merciless money dommes that you've been caught up in.

In case you didn't know - I'm an actual certified, qualified & experienced addictions counselor, relationship advisor & kink expert as well as a REAL Dominant Woman who is known as a legendary financial domme. I can help you deal more constructively & effectively with your financial domination addiction...with my own special Goddess Leesa twist, of course : )

Who better than me to lead you on a very special, personalized journey to redemption, recovery and a more productive life?

You've already taken the first step by clicking this listing & admitting your powerlessness. Now, overcome your fear and take the next step on this journey. Click my call button. Send me a text. Buy MY therapeutic mp3s. Start turning your life around. Lay your troubles at my doorstep, cry on my shoulder, expose those weaknesses & insecurities. You know you need to.

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Goddess Leesa's 12 Steps
to Femdom Recovery
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Things you need to know before you session:

1. This is a therapy and psychodrama line, not a phonesex line. You will actually need to hold a conversation with me. I will ask you questions. You will answer them or the call will be terminated.

2. I'm not a "performer" or a puppet on a string like some of the "dommes" you may have gotten used to here on Niteflirt. The only puppet in this equation is you & I've graciously devoted my time to help you figure your twisted little ego out. Respect that and participate accordingly & appropriately

3. You need to have sufficient money in your account to allow for at least a half hour session. DO NOT call this line with 2 minutes in your account, the interruptions to add funds are a distraction.

4. Filling out my fetish therapy application before calling is strongly suggested, but not required. Choosing to fill it out & doing so honestly will help me better determine the course of treatment that will be a best fit for you.

5. I know my dominance and self assured style can seem intimidating. Although I always maintain control, you'll find me VERY easy to open up to. Don't let irrational fear prevent you from doing what you know you need to do.

6. Prefer email counseling? That's also available. Don't hesitate to contact Me. It'll be the BEST decision you ever make.

You trust me. You admire me. You feel better putting yourself in my capable hands.
Do it. Now.

Open yourself.

Click here to begin the process.
It's easy & it feels so good.

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with Goddess Leesa diMare, your Femdom Therapist

The True ESSENCE of Financial Domination

Are YOU Serving Alpha?

Are YOU A Boob Zombie?

THE CURE ~ 12 Femdom Steps To Recovery

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Goddess Leesa's 12 Steps
to Femdom Recovery

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