Phone Sex

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When these things happen to you -- these scandalous, depraved, mind-wracking *things* -- you tend to secretly think there's hope.

If only someone would see.

If someone knew -- if someone happened in, and witnessed the horrors unfolding against you, they would put an end to it. A single, Samaritan soul could make all your suffering go away.

That's what you fancy thinking.
... too bad you're mistaken.

Why, Amanda is a lovely, mature woman -- endlessly charitable to lesser creatures, forever greeting strangers with charm and a smile. She'll greet you with a smile, as well. Her shapely lips will curl, eyes sparkling as her intrigue grows. She'll want to know more, want to know how... and ultimately, want to join in.

That glimmer of hope you cling to will darken, crumble -- reduced to ash then flittered away.
Elaborate Roleplays and Fantasies

Two talented fetishists to weave stories and enliven role plays. However, we are *not* lesbians, nor are either of us submissive. We shall not accept requests to that end.

Fantasies of:
Public Scenes
Girlfriend Betrayal
Femme Fatales
Secrets Spilled

and much more.

Double your torment.
Feel free to email details and questions beforehand.

Don't Let This Happen to You: "Not very good" would indicate an attempt to placate was made -- but, be sure, if you ring our BDSM/Mistresses listing in the hopes of having your cock worshiped, no attempt at appeasing your fantasy will be made. "Told me to read the listing, and promptly hung up on me," would be a far more accurate portrayal of what happens if you ring our Mistress listing, but are not interested in dominant women. :D