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Hypnosis for Men, Relaxing and Sensual

You've wanted to try it... Haven't you now? Just going deeper and deeper into hypnosis, feeling good, your self is letting go, letting go of that control you've been wanting so badly to release. Feel it happen, now. If you let it, your body will now remember a time when you felt so relaxed, and so happy at the same time. So relaxed and so happy, so relaxed and so horny. Just as though if by wishing you wanted the moment to go on forever and it did.... Now you can do it, you can go easily into trance so deep, so deep, so deep and so happy and so, so relaxed. So relaxed that you can feel it happen, feel yourself entering that safe, pleasant, and deeply pleasurable hypnotic state, where all your fantasies can come alive, where you feel the touch, see the sight, and hear the sound of my voice, so relaxing, so pleasing to your ear and your body and mind. So, you want to call, you need to call, and you do call. Do it now, now, now, You no longer need to wait, it feels so good so good to come, and to call.