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Delicious Diana

~Delicious Diana ~ I Luv Oral Sex, Don't You ?

Hi There ! My name is Diana and I am a Blue Eyed Blond ~ Exotic Dancer.

Hello to all you Men out There ! I am Delicious Diana ~ an Exotic Dancer and I would love to show you a good time.

ISN'T ORAL SEX A BEAUTIFUL THING, FOR BOTH PARTNERS. THE GIVING AND PLEASURING INVOLVED ? I think it is the most Sensual form of Love Making ! And I am a MASTER at my Craft ! I bet I can give you a Blow Job like no one else ever has done before! I learned my Tricks of The Trade from the Famous Madam Athena!

I like to make every man feel special and especially love to please him orally! I also have a nice "deep-throat" for your pleasure. I just love the feel of my lips wrapped around your hard cock, the taste of you on my tongue, the moans I hear as I suck you until you explode all over my breasts! I love the feel of hot cum on my breasts, tongue, and more! Listen to me as I tell you what I would like to do to you ...Do you like to hear a woman moan for you? Like to hear her get excited ?

I've sucked alot of cock in my time, and BELIEVE ME ~ I KNOW what I'm doing! Call me...Darlin'...I'd LOVE to turn you on! And I would like it if you would tell me in detail how you would turn me on as well. That way I can CUM WHEN YOU CUM AS WELL !

Give me a call ~ we can talk about anything ! I would love to hear from you !


The first time was better, and, at the same time, more unexpected than any of his thousands -- no, millions -- of erotic fantasies could have prepared him for ... the act, when it finally happened just before his 19th birthday, was not at all what he expected -- How he met her and how he had somehow convinced her to take him to bed were not important . They were in her apartment. It didn't take long for their clothing to fall the floor. Standing there, he quivered with pent up lust . He knew that this was really, truly it: the moment he had dreamed of for so long. The soft, tickly touch of her soft flesh as she pulled him to her, made it more erotic than he could have imagined.

When her mouth moved up to his and his first really erotic kiss began, any lingering doubts about the wrongness of how this came to be faded fast. "So this is what its like," Her tongue entered between his lips, and suddenly another thought passed into his mind and stuck there: "I don't know what I'm doing, and she knows it, and she prefers it this way." Maybe it should have took some of the joy and excitement out of this, but it made it all the more thrilling, he knew as she penetrated him fast and hot, literally, like the stories said, tongue-fucking his mouth.

Her hands, gently before, weren't gentle at all now, but insistent , pushing him to the small bed. His ass hit the mattress hard, and then her bare flesh, hot against his, made all this senses ripple. His cock felt so full, fuller and harder than he could ever remember. She whispered for him to not be afraid, that she would teach him how to love, to relax and enjoy this. Her hands, small and strong, guided him in this first, fascinatingly new lovemaking experience. Her tongue entered his mouth again, and now he relaxed more and began to enjoy the sensation of her unique taste on his own overcharged taste buds. She was a sex goddess.

He moaned then -- she had his cock in her hands, and she was kneeling over his prone body. He realized that she was masturbating herself while she did him. Her fingers pulled and stroked him, a hand job far different then he could have given himself, and he could hear himself saying to stop or he would come right now. She smiled at him in the dark and nodded, releasing him.

Then it happened -- she took him in her mouth and the wet, liquid warmth enveloped his throbbing dick, pulling him into her with quick, smooth downward movements. In and out his cock went, and he marveled, as he watched on his elbows, that he was really, finally inside a woman's body -- in her mouth, too, the most exciting of all the fantasies he ever had.

Before he could think any further, the orgasm took him, and his semen came out and into the woman's mouth. He went soft quickly...she smiled and told him it was okay, even as she pushed his hands away and finished giving herself her orgasm. He knew that this was something he would never forget. ......

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