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English Mistress

Posh London Attitude

World Class Feminine Power - Hypnotic Persuasion

Much can be inferred about a man from his Mistress:
in Her one beholds his weaknesses and his dreams.



We all have different compartments; unique facets to our personalities. I've come to applaud mine, and to enjoy exploring and engaging those of the men who call me.

If you are seeking unscripted interaction with a genuinely dominant woman who enjoys all she does, welcome to My World. If you are seeking a sophisticated woman who has the knowledge and understanding to move the conversation along and help you fulfill your longings and unseal your psyche, then welcome to My World.

Keep your expectations high, prepare for the best. Read the words placed here by others, look at my ratings, peruse my listings--I am no ordinary woman, and as such, no ordinary Dominatrix. The fact that you are here, reading these words, you already know, you are no ordinary man. You need more, you seek more, and there is a restless longing inside of you to feel more. One of the most extraordinary aspects of being alive is the possibility of celebrating the commonplace or the unusual. I feast on the latter.

The reasons that brought you here are varied. It may be a sexual obsession, an unrelenting fetish, a transient aberration; a need to feel humiliated, degraded, and a desire to pushed to the extreme; a wanting to surrender, to give of yourself, to worship, to kneel, to give pleasure; a need to feel used, manipulated, and controlled; a longing for acceptance and understanding of the urges that torment you; a wanting to be driven to unconditional obedience; a hunger for feelings of long ago, recapturing moments, or opportunities missed; a search for guidance along the dark pathways that can lead to enlightenment; a craving for the sanctuary for confessions that leave your lips haltingly; a yearning for a fantasy where guard-rails drift out of focus. No one should be put 'in box'. Neither you, nor I.

Some Parts that make up Me:
  • Manipulative Siren
  • Wicked Femme Fatale
  • Pedagogue for the novice slave
  • Enchantress/Hypnotist
  • Supreme Female
  • Unlicenced/Licentious Therapist
  • Financial Domination
  • Creative Bondage
  • Hypnosis and Mind Control
  • Tantalizing Tease
  • Raconteur Extraordinaire
  • Corrupter of the corruptible
  • Agent Provocateur
  • Sensual Seducer
  • Encourager of weaknesses

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The door you fear to enter, holds the truth you seek.