Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Lifestyle/Professional Dominatrix: I am the deliverance of sensation. My strengths and skills of the "tools of the Trade" in which I enjoy the most are singletails, flogging, genitorture (CBT), nipple torture (NT), over the knee (OTK), clothes pins, I enjoy sensory deprivation/overload, smothering, trampling, paddles, canes, crops, just to mention a few and of course, setting the mood...; setting a new sub at ease, bringing out there darkest fantasies and guiding them gently into subspace -- showing them a world they've only dreamed about, in a way that is wildly erotic and extremely intense and somehow still feels natural and fulfilling. In my presence you will obey my every command with pleasure. All levels of safe, sane, concensual play is welcome. I play to your level. I respect and honor all limits and use safewords.... I would love to singletail your ass until it stops traffic! ~~wicked grin~~.... I also live to hear you moan and groan, as I am an audiblephile! Gosh, I really get excited to moans and groans, it really gets me all hot and bothered making me wet! I have two great dungeon locations in Northern California, east bay. An exhibitionist, as well as enjoy being a voyeur, If you are interested in experiencing a scene in public, being of service to me at a party, that too can be arranged. Do NOT ask to be my personal slave unless you are a houseboy, live near me, available five days a week, at least a couple hours a day, single, and are willing to offer financial statements. I look forward in having you serve me soon. YLM-PICTURES AVAILABLE ON MY OTHER LISTING: CUM SHARE BDSM D/S QUESTIONS & FANTASIES W/ME A RECENT SESSION WITH A FIRST TIME CLIENT: "I would like to send out my sincere thanks to Mistress Starfire. One night I was looking through ads on and came across MS Brandy Starfire's ad. I've been intrigued for some time now about BDSM and I finally did something about it. I let one day go by then the next day I went back online and booked a four-hour session with Mistress Starfire, and I'm glad I did. I will admit at first I wasn't real sure if I would like the experience of BDSM or not, but the way Mistress Starfire went about it; it was an experience to remember. For four hours Mistress Starfire took me through a wide range of sensations that at times left me speechless. From trampling to spanking to being bound and tortured, if you can actually call it that. It was truly a night to remember.  The whole time my body was feeling some type of sensation or another and that my friends is what made the night as great as sex. I have learned from this first time experience that BDSM from the trained and expert wielding hands of Mistress Starfire is not only sensual but erotic. So if you think BDSM is about pain, I think you don't understand it. I feel BDSM is about the sensations your body goes through at the hands of your loving Mistress. In closing, thank you Mistress Starfire for letting me bow down to you and allowing me to experience your wielding hand and your friends. Everything you gave to me including the zipper was fantastic." Devoted to you, "Mr. No Name"