Phone Sex

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Hi, I'm Missy... cute voice, vivid imagination, senscious ways, and perky tits... that's me. I have an insatiable appetite for sex too. I love to get off!!! And if I can share my desires and needs with someone else, then it makes it better for us both. By being a phone sex operator it gives me access to so many horny men and women, from all over the world, which in itself is pretty cool. I'm a very down to Earth kind of girl...I'm NOT afraid of asking my callers if they like something I'm doing or what you'd like me to do. I love learning about my callers fetishes and turn-on's. Also, I'm never being anything less than myself, like if something is funny or awkward, then I say so. It's such a thrill to know that at the end of the call that I've teased, pleased, and tantilized my caller. I love cumming with my caller, hearing the pleasure in their moans and gasps, while I let myself go too. It's great to know you made someones day a little better, and they have a smile on their face because of me, THAT is totally awesome! I love being submissive, I have a handcuff fetish so anytime I get put in the position of being helpless, I get so wet and worked up. I also found out that I have a pantyhose fetish too, which I didn't know until recently. Little girl play, turns me on too, it's the whole forbidden fruit thing. When someone tells you that you can't have something, it makes it so much more desireable, which to me says "DO IT!!!"... and giving and receiving oral sex. There's nothing better than having a hard cock in my mouth while I'm having my sweet shaved pussy eaten. Also, fucking of course, anyway you like, I don't care how I get it, as long as i get it. (If you're a good boy you can fuck my ass.) I'm not into beastiality, AT ALL, or SCAT either. I'd love to have a transexual too, that sounds very fun. My favorite sex toys definately are my "Develish Red Vibrator" and my handcuffs. I'm willing to use almost anything, if I have it. If not I'm sure we can find a close compromise. Using regular household objects can be alot of fun, and definately spice up a call. My favorite things to wear around the house are: Mostly panties, with something slinky on top, so my ass cheeks peek out of the bottom. I love teddys and short nighties, they make me feel feminine and sexy. You'll almost always find me half naked, unless I'm sleeping, then I'm totally naked. Special requests are always taken, if I have something you'd like me to wear for a call, just let me know. I always sign everything Love and Licks, which cums from my desire to please with my tounge, if you know what I mean....LOL... Hopefully I can hear your voice soon so we can cumm together....untill then.....XXXOXXX Missy