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Hi! My name is Kaitlin. I m aan 18 year old college student. I have had many life expierences. Some rough, some horrid, some amazing and some sad. I have always felt that I was always more mature than my friends. I have always been the girl that everyone comes to for advice. I am known for trying to help people make their life happy and more fulfilled. I know a lot about sex and masturbation( from experience of course). I have a great knack for knowing how to deal with situations without anyone getting hurt. I am alwys open to anything and am non judgemental. You can come to me with anything and always get a well thoght out honest answer. I want to do anything i can for people to make then happy. I am currently going to college as well as dancing in a local dance company. I have been a dancer for 14 years now and plan to make it my profession. I am also an unsigned model.