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Sex & Spirituality: Gentle & Genuine Guy for YOU!

Warm Greetings to You, Hi. I'm Alex. I am a phone sex operator very focused on one thing: pleasing YOU! The best thing is: I am REALLY GOOD AT IT! How is THAT for a change?... a talented attractive guy who wants to focus all of his time and energy on YOU! --Are you tired of being the one who tries to please your man and yet he never returns the favor? --Are you frustrated with men who just use you for sex? Do you never or rarely orgasm during sex? Would you like help discovering your body and how to have MULTIPLE orgasms, with or without your partner? --Do you feel like your need for attention is greater than you are now receiving? Do you feel that no one ever listens to you? --Are you interested in learning about "Sacred Sex" from a student of Tantric disciplines? (Would you believe that you can grow spiritually simply by being aware of yourself while making love?) --Do you have a fantasy that you have always wanted to act out but never had the courage? --Would you like to spend the night with a truly wonderful conversationalist who has been gifted with a sexy voice and a caring heart? ...and well endowed in other areas, too! :O) Call me. You will know right from the start that there is a connection between us. You will hear my voice and sense my sincerety. One cannot fake this stuff. You will know that I can give you what you most want and most need and are not getting right now! Men do exist who are caring, sincere, share their feelings, and are interested in learning about your thoughts, listen to how you are feeling, and help you to find fulfillment in all areas of your life. If you are looking to role play with a sexy guy, who can be gentle as well as rough, sweet as well as naughty, straight as well as creative, but always genuine, please call me to fulfill your fantasy tonight. If you are just looking to talk to a good listener, I am always available. I am also well versed in the world's religions and would love to talk about your spirituality and how it relates to your sexuality, your relationships, your understanding of yourself, or anything that "matters most to you." Please call right now. Empower yourself with a new way of self-gratification. Give yourself what you deserve. Take that flight of fantasy and see where you land! Call me to have the most fun you have had in a long time! If I am not available when you call, please email me some times you would like to talk through and I will do everything under the sun to make it happen! I'll be waiting for your call or note to: Please call now, you will be delighted! Fondly, Alex