Phone Sex

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,Br> And now for a bedtime story ...

I gently drop to my knees and look up at you with lusting eyes.
I unbuckle your belt, unbutton your pants and pull them to the floor, never once taking my eyes off you.
You stand over me with a look of satisfaction, just watching me... before my lips even touch you.

First I start with my fingers... a teasing touch, then with my hand a lengthy stroke, getting You hard and excited.
I then stretch my tongue out while staring up at you and lick the tip, as your neck arches back in delight.
Licking you up and down, twirling my tongue all around.
Then I wrap my lips around your beautiful cock and suck it all the way in.
Bobbing my head up and down, staying as far down as I can... deep throating
Then I pull away and jerk you off with the lubrication from my mouth. I want you moaning and twitching as you swell with pleasure .
My lips return and my tongue laps up all the extra lube off your cock, and I suck you while I stroke you at the same time, watching your eyes roll.
I get wet just seeing that I cause you such satisfaction .
So with my other hand, I reach down and play with my clit, while I am sucking and jerking you off .
I start to moan on your cock, my moaning and the sight of me playing with myself, while my mouth is on you is more then you can handle
We both reach climax together and you pull your cock from my lips and aim at my breasts... covering them with your come....Yummy! Call Buttonbr>