Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

You MAY have a powerful job, but watch just how quickly you give it all up when I discover how weak you are for me. Picture me- sitting in your office wearing a tight skirt, stockings and heels. You know you can't concentrate on much else. I keep all your dirty secrets. Underneath that powerful exterior I'm the one that puts you in your place.
Then your wife calls as I LAUGH and tug on your tie - You know fully well you are *busy* serving me. You pay my bills, give in to my desire while she wonders "what has pulled him away?". I am in all your fantasies, from soft fetishes to edge play. You trust me with your most intimate ideas.

The release you need is just a phone call away.

Won't you be surprised when you see that it's ME-OFFICER CASEY- stopping you for speeding?
Imagine yourself bent over the hood of your car, your legs spread apart, while I pat you down.
I LOVE the crestfallen look on your face when I tell you I'm taking you into custody – even though we both know you haven't done anything wrong. Who would believe you? It's your word against MINE. When I pull that little glassine baggy from your pants pocket, well, who would say otherwise?
It's a good thing for you that I'm feeling generous today. I'm giving you the opportunity to serve and please. Today I think I'd enjoy watching you take care of the three very well endowed black men currently in holding.

You never know what will please me next.
Call me and find out.

Admit it. You've been fantasizing about dressing up since you secretly stepped into a pair of high heels or pantyhose when you were young.
You love the sweet smell of lipstick and you want to feel it on your mouth.
You ache to pull a pair of stockings up your thighs and hook them to that lace garter belt-
all snug across your belly.
You long to be told what panties you're wearing today.
Will it be SLUT black or WHORE red?
What shoes will you wear?
It's MY choice.

And believe me, MY choice will make you MY BITCH.

I have a career that is visible and keeps me very busy, therefore my privacy and time are my own. Being plastered all over the web isn't my thing. Be assured I am attractive. My photos are located in my myspace page.
Cam is available at my discretion.

Keep me happy,pampered and entertained...
and I might stick around.