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Mystress designed MystressWorld and calls all the shots.

Mystress is her adopted single name identity. She has a career position in the corporate world and epitomizes the modern successful career woman who uses every available advantage to assert herself and improve her position.

She is 39, 5 feet 8 inches tall and 140 pounds with dark brown hair. She lives in Texas and travels frequently in her job and career. She describes her attitude as: Benevolent Bitch

In her own words ..

Mystress here .. I know you are reading this, but I wonder if you are just horny .. and not so much submissive. Which is it? Hmmmmmmmm? I train submissives, men, women, and even couples. Sometimes, Master and I train submissives together. For others, Madam Dyke likes to help.

This is a hobby, albeit a passionate one for me, and consumes much of my leisure time. I am married with a subhusband to serve me at home.

I also train and mentor other women who wish to rose to the empowerment of D&s FemDomina. The boys I train are shared among all of us.

I train by combining your submissiveness (which is your need for strong feminine authority) and your sexual desire .. and handling you such that these dual needs are merged into a single strong and erotic passion. This is my Training Dynamic.

Have you ever been stripped and blindfolded, and made to hold out your hands to have them bound .. to surrender control .. then teased by a strong, sexually-dominant woman with a riding crop. Her hands and the crop gliding over your body .. examining, probing, teasing, and violating every inch of your body with special attention to your privates .. fore and aft .. and even especially, your mouth?

Then be ordered to drop to your knees and beg to lick and suck .. from her toes to her tits and all stops in between. How would you respond? How are you responding right now .... Hard? You've had these desires simmering within for a long time, haven't you .. hmmm? .... I thought so.

Such desires don't just drift away .. they need to be explored .. controlled .. and managed. My interest is in your submission. Not B&D play games or S&M perversions. No, not role playing, but real, genuine subservience .. yours.

When I travel, it's nice a devoted submissive waiting to serve me and to advance his training. It's so nice to have someone to do my nails .. lick my pumps clean .. shampoo my thick silky hair .. wash out my dainties .. and tend to my other urgent needs. I am well-endowed .. still lactating, always wet. I do require much attention.

A Dungeon Girl is a Domme-in-training. They need practice boys. Good boys get the assignments. Bad boys are sent to my friend Judge Domina.

Begin your journey with "D&s Exploration". That completed, apply for Personal Training.

Mystress is waiting.

Due to her busy schedule Mystress is not available is person but you may send Mystress an email anytime and she will send you a response. or you may visit Her website.

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