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Maya Wants To

Experimental, Sensory Enthusiast for Fun!!!

Hello! I’m Maya! I’m 36 and very excited to be taking calls!

There are two things propelling me forward at this point and I’m not sure which one speaks louder. I am at something of a professional crossroads currently and I want to experiment with my life and my body while I am still young.

To date, I have always been a teacher. I got into teaching a million years ago for reasons that made sense at the time that currently escape me. I have this long-standing desire to dive head first into a body of water with a knife between my teeth. I don’t know why this goal stands out in my mind, but I often find myself weighing life choices by asking, “Will this enable me to dive head first into a body of water with a knife between my teeth?” And I recently realized that, no matter how long I stay in teaching, it will never allow me to fulfill that desire. Hence the professional crossroads.

I am also a sensory enthusiast. If there’s an interesting sensation, I’m into it. I love having my hair brushed, sticking my feet into a bowl of whipped cream or having someone fuck me at a different angle to hits me in a new way. I love unusual physical sensations and want to try out many different things!

Personally, I am kinky and I am experienced. I like a wide range of sexual activities (that are consensual and legal) ranging from BDSM to sweet, tender and loving carresses, so I am not shocked by much and find a lot of enjoyment in many wildly divergent acts. Hence the wont to experiment with my life and body.

I relish conversations and personal connections with people. The dating world can often be very impersonal and lonely… which is weird for all the obvious reasons. Personal connections in my day-to-day life seem to be a thing of the past and I need and want personal connections. And thus, I decided to get a profile here and start getting my freak on in a new, intriguing setting that already has me salivating at the many new sensations I know I am going to experience!

I will take custom nude photos (selfies mostly) for the right price, so let me know what you’d like and we’ll take things from there!

So, I’m Maya! I’m 36 and very excited to be taking calls!

UPDATE: I want to add that while I am playful and light-hearted, I am not submissive. I am generally open-minded, but if you want to humiliate me or degrade me or do anything where you order me around and want me to call you ‘sir’, I am not comfortable with that.