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Whimsical Holly

5'11", 130 pound Girl Next Door For Cam Fun!!!

The photos on my profile were taken during a series of shoots I did in Chicago in early May, 2018.

Hi all! I’m Holly! I learned a while ago that I love curating experiences for people and I love exhibitionism. What more perfect melding of these two passions could there possibly be than webcam work?

For starters, I’m 5’11” and weigh 130 pounds. I have been asked to do fashion modeling work a fair amount, but it’s not something that I have a need or even a want to do. I like people and I love connecting with people and with fashion/runway work, the model is specifically positioned apart from her audience and that doesn’t speak to me at all.

I went to a Catholic high school—yes, I still have the uniform; no, I can’t wear it, it’s too small now—and the result of that was a set of inhibitions that were programmed into me. When I got to college and saw a world view that was well outside my Catholic school upbringing, I discovered it to be quite freeing. And now, I find there to be a huge turn-on that comes from letting go of my inhibitions and that stuffy esthetic and trying new, fun things!

I feel like webcam is the perfect form of exhibition too; I can let down my guard, have you enter my world and explore my turn ons with me… while also enjoying the experience yourself! Creating that type of imaginative, immersive experience with someone where we share an amazing mental and physical connection—and what better shared mental and physical connection is there than sex or mutual masturbation?—is not only fantastic, but a wonderful goal in and of itself.

I am open to doing a lot of things on cam, but I will not do anything that goes against the rules of NiteFlirt or anything that involves bodily fluids, self-harm or large anal penetration.

Please text me for my Skype ID!

And, in case you're curious, I have lots more photos (and videos) available if you'd like to see!