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Hi! I’m Natalya! I’m 36 and I absolutely love being a woman. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’m newly single and am only now realizing what a rut I had fallen into. I'd put my day-to-day existence ahead of my sex life and that was rather silly. My goal for this year is to recapture my free-spirited nature and allow things to take their course. I want to tear down my blocks and let things happen.

The intensity of following your feelings is very erotic to me. When you don’t know if it’s going to be a passionate kiss or touching each other’s bodies or a full on sexual encounter… you just know that something amazing is going to happen. I am completely in charge of my life and want to get more of that passion. And it’s kind of hard to find that in your local Chili’s.

I want to be around more open-minded people who view sex as something hot, passionate and fun, not the boring old insert tab A into slot B; repeat. Sex is to be happy, from the kiss to the orgasm. Simply getting it over and done with or just cumming is not sex for me. I have a great imagination and want to know what someone will bring out of me.

Signing up here makes me feel like I did the night when I lost my virginity, a ball of excited nerves, anticipating every little thing to come, knowing I’m on the road to recapturing my femininity. I am ready to experience many wonderful, consensual kinds of things.

I’ve seen a lot of scenes in movies where people are channeling this raw, initial sexual aggression. No one questions what they’re doing, no one thinks about it or worries about what conference calls they have scheduled the next day. Watching them, it’s just like, “What are they doing!!! Wow!!! How do I do that?”

Well, step one is creating this profile. Step two is talking to you.