Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

I’m Valerie! I’m 24 and originally from France. You will definitely be able to hear this when you speak to me! Just don’t ask me if I know Amelie! :)

In general, I’m rather playful and curious. I’m excited to be on here because I love helping people fulfill their fantasies. The mystery of talking to a stranger is very sexually exciting! We could be anybody; we might have met in real life and we’re here talking about our sexual fantasies.

I love being attractive to men. There isn’t anything quite as empowering as turning someone on. Hearing how excited the other person becomes gets me really turned on. I feel my heart beat down in my pussy and then I start to get warm and tingly all over my body. That build up is almost hotter than having sex. I start to get really wet, I start playing with my hair and touching my skin; I consciously avoid touching my clit, creating a build up for myself. Then, once I touch my clit, I just want the release.

I am quite nervous for what people will say, where things will go and what we will do... and I am very turned on by those thoughts! I am non-judgmental, completely open-minded and comfortable with anything legal.

Also, yes, that is me in the pictures.