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Princess Regina

WARNING: Clicking may cause the user to become gay

Princess ♕ Regina

Are you a faggot? A loser?

Or maybe you always thought that you were just an ordinary guy, but then once your girlfriend hinted that your cock wasn't doing anything for her, and found out that she had been starting to cheat on you, you realized you liked it better that way...

And now, for some reason, you can't get this urge to try on her panties out of your mind.

All of my life, I never understood other girls.

They seemed to really, genuinely care what boys thought of them.
Me? I only ever cared about teasing boys, manipulating them, using them to get what I want.

Because what I want is the only thing that matters. Boys only exist to please me.

I like to tease and deny, to edge a man to the point where he would do anything to have me keep going and then, just... stop. And then ask him, while I have him in that vulnerable state, "what are you going to do for me, if I let you keep going?"

I am unafraid and unashamed to be dominant. I love hearing you confess every single little fetish or fantasy that you have ever had, just so I can have more material to use to make pathetic boys like you even weaker.

I am your Princess. You will be eating out of the palm of my hand. I will lead you around by your disappointing dick.