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Cuckoldress! Cuckold? I Love Cuckolding My Husband

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I Love Cuckolding My Husband

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Seeing you cucking has got to be one of the most exciting sights for Me. This Hotwifing thing is turning out to be one of My super hot sexual fetishes. I can see us in Hollywood, all the sexy fit men with gigantic cocks stretching Me. Me having sex with two men as you, My submissive husband watches, jerking at the foot of the bed. I really enjoy this part of sensual BDSM. It is absolutely a heterosexual thing to do, you sucking My Dominant partners superhuman sized cocks.

Now that we are married, I want to tell you that Cuckolding is an immensely pleasurable Kink I have. Everyone I know is so curious and actually a cuckold marriage is a natural thing. I’ve read that Cuckoldry has been practiced in Europe for many centuries. I need to be filled up with a larger penis than yours and that is a fact. My pussy cries out to be parted by a humongous, monster of a penis and you just don’t measure up. Your penis is so slight, so diminutive I just cannot get any pleasure from it. I dream of powerful cocks with tremendous weight, working themselves deep inside of Me as you watch. Their generous cocks are always fluffed before, during and after by your caring and compassionate tongue.

Although you are such a good provider, I do get off showing you that you are not a real man. I love to humiliate you with My lovers jumbo cocks as they fill ALL of My holes. The ginormous, thick cocks make Me squeal the loudest. Oh...and the massive, beefy cocks make Me moan like you wish I did for you. I get enormous pleasure from having you watch My hungry-holes being filled by mighty, real man cock. I know that a wife’s infidelity can be painful but you have to understand, the pleasure I receive is on a grand scale. In our cuckold relationship I am going to be fucking hot, hung men right in front of you.

Husband, all types of cocks give Me pleasure, well all types but your pocket-sized penis.

From now on you are going to be calling Me Mistress. Your compact, undersized penis cannot give Me the pleasure I deserve. I deserve a real man so I am taking him all. Therefore you are My submissive cuckold husband. You see, I get so turned on fucking guys in front of you. Having you watch as I am pleasurably stretched by ginormous cocks. Sometimes I like to take four or more giant cocks into our marriage bed. There is a fetish cuckolding subculture, where thick dicked men know I crave their giant cocks. They know I am your sexually dominant wife and I am keeping you pretty much celibate. My big dicked lover wanted to know if I enjoy, “denying husband his orgasms?” Yes! It is just how it has to be husband. I enjoy making you watch cuckold porn and pornography. I am training you to crave king-sized, gargantuan real man cock.

You are going to become submissive to Me right now!

I enjoy shaming you using size comparison games and watching you tug on your microscopic penis. You behave so ashamed, so crushed when My lovers take My holes. You are so embarrassed and mortified when I make you our cleaner. It is so funny really but that is when you buy Me the most substantial gifts.
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I know how much you fear anyone knowing I control you with other men's brute cocks. You are so proud but cocks are becoming pure sexual intoxication for us both. Big, stiff mighty cocks. They are so much more formidable, so much more sexually potent. While your cock is so ineffective, so tiny. I need a passionate, irresistible, overpowering cock thrusting inside Me.

A mouthwatering thick cock gives Me pleasure.

I love all kinds of thick cocks and I love having you fluff them to attention for Me. All of My lovers know that you are the husband of and adulterous wife. They know you are a Beta male, ready to turn from hubby to bbc sucker at ANY moment. You know I just love Bull cock, I am their bunny twerking on the tip of their Alpha male cocks. Something I would never do for you. Really I am in a Superior Couple just not with you. You need an Alpha Couple to serve and I want someone to clean up the mess. Your mouth is very good at cleaning up messes, isn’t it?

I feel a certain fondness for you when your masochistic cucking side pops a tent in your slacks. You are just not man enough for Me. Cuckolding and watching Me have sex with another guy is the best life for us both.

Call Me and let’s have a talk all about O/our Cuckold Fetish.

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