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Noels Way

The SALACIOUS Siren You Adore. Click Pay Stroke

I am everything you hoped for and everything you have feared. Quite the paradox right?. Pay this email until you get the balls to serve me


There are 2 reasons you are here. One, you are horny and want to get off. If so, go away now. My feelings are not warm and fuzzy that I actually care about you jerking off. I want to vomit at the thought of you being so selfish.

Two, you realize I am just what you have been looking for. You seek guidance and financial control from a militant, yet bubbly brat right? I am very selective on who I share my time with. Time is indeed money, and if it means saving myself the hassle of talking to a complete stranger who is selfish and non gratuitous then kudos to me. As a disclaimer, you don't need to be RICH to talk to me. Talking entails your fetish experience or curiosities. NOT PHONE SEX! If you want to call/chat, and it's your first time, send $25 dollars to Miss Noel>>>>. If you have not prior to, I will DECLINE your call and remind you of my requirements before our conversation commences. My time is always accounted for fellas. (smile)...and.... Yes, on top of the fact you are calling me you are required to pay $25. It's not THAT much money. This weeds out potential flaky men, broke men, low account balance bitches, men who only want to hear my voice, men that change their minds and so forth. Nothing you obtain from me as far as attention will EVER BE at your convenience. In my world, it is about quality NOT quantity. I'd rather have 5 generous and obedient men serving me vs. hundreds of 20 dollar click addicts who are uncertain on serving me. If you are unclear on anything stated, you may send ONE EMAIL requesting more information..

So now that is out of the way, my name is Noel. I'm 19 and a business major. Elaborating this point eliminates a lot of unnecessary expectations and demands. I am smart, savvy and the reason your credit cards will need a new limit increase. My open-mindedness is something you will gravitate towards. That wasn't an opinion, but fact. Send me $50 if you love bossy princesses---

If it's about fetish I'm totally game for us getting to know each other. NO vanilla stuff. Not into it and well, you can't pay me enough to debase myself. See how I stressed this point again? Yes I am young, but the things I have experienced will take your breath away. I love laughing and taunting you. If you become boring or I suspect you want to beat off while I am speaking to you? You are blocked buddy. Don't ruin a golden opportunity as my plaything because you are sneaky and cheap. You will hate yourself later. Pinky swear! Oh, and before I go, here are a few things you should know! I am not shy when asking for what I want. If you are paranoid about giving a young, pretty, affluent babe your money, or find it offensive-don't call or email me.

Being super intuitive is why I seldom pay for anything--you know like college books, clothes, my hair appointments you name it. I haven't satisfied my desire to complete my sugar daddy army that will handle all these things simultaneously AND indefinitely, but confident I will.

Do I prey on horny, weak married men? Not really. It's more like what you wanted anyway. You want to make a young effervescent peach happy. You WANT to tell me things you can't share with anyone else. You want to spend thousands on me like so many others. You also want to find out how well I will deny an orgasm, or offer the opportunity of one.

Curiosity is such a wonderful thing right?

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*You agree that all actions are of your own when choosing to call or message me. I am not responsible for any choices you make when indulging in your fetishes. You must be over 18*