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Annas Your Escape

*Goddess Anna* Financial Redirection Coach

Some men think they are men when actually they are just ATMs for beautiful Goddesses like myself. Give a man more money than he can handle, and he completely loses his direction in life. That's what financial domination is for. I, myself, am a financial redirection coach. Yes, you read that right, I redirect your personal finances to proper investments.
You're frivolous with your money, you can't make choices on your own. Given to your own means, you just piss it all away like a worthless little pig walling in his own shit. Investing in me, a Goddess is the smartest financial choice you have ever made. I have so many investments for your choosing:

  • Pay to Pump ($2 a pump on your pay-pig dick, the more you pay, the more you pump, the more you pump, the more you might be able to cum)

  • My Personal Investments (my smiles, my gym membership, my mani/pedis, basically my happiness)

  • Gaslighting (little reminders because you're so forgetful, forced intox goes along with that)

  • Attention Allowance ($2 gets you a minute of my attention, yes, I will fake giving a shit about you. The more you pay, the more fake attention you get. Time runs out, I'll just put you on mute and ignore you till you pay again. Time is money)

  • Assignments (all my pigs get different assignments that of course, they have to pay for.)

  • Pay My Bills (mortgage $850, car payment $550, Internet/Phone $200, Housekeeper $150, Gardener $100...and you pay because you want to)
It's very simple, you want financial domination and you need to spend all of your money on me. The only thing you want back is a bit of attention. Keep opening your wallet to me, and we can chat, laugh, I'll tell you all about the men I fuck and the fun I have. I promise, investing in my time is exactly what you Trump-types need. Besides, you can't think for yourself, so, why are you trying to?

Yes, I Do Expect Tributes for My Exceptional Service