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Thumble Weena

Exquisite power exchange and Obediance!

My Superior Princess Enchantrix Who is she? Whispering among the leaves? Painful now I weep and cry. For my Bittersweet testicles cut off to die.Regretting long ago memories of my lost useless Testes.. For Princess of radiant flesh cut them free. Whispering near; "Don't forget I Forever on your set!" But then it was. Her Royal Highness betrayed by milk- filled maiden. The battle fought for gold and Goddess. Her lovers purse cut like offerings of Orchids for a lady. My princess claimed in chains to Conquering warlord Gorgod. Her lover Sold to a Nubian Queen. Her Ex-lover possessed in slavery. By a beautiful black Queen. Owned as a docile eunuch for her Superior Highness. I however, gainfully purchased forever as her personal property! Where I lovingly learn to serve in her stable of geldings. Obediently I worship her with lips and tongue for my forgotten manhood is long gone. So I hear her Whispering. "Remember your debt to your Nubian Queen for I own you slave. and I'll shave you smooth. Forget your manhood. For I shall joyfully castrate you for service into my stable!" Possessed in slavery. "Worshipping me! Your Goddess! As an obedient eunuch!" It is what I must be to please her. For inferior serfs like me are meant for castration. As She so joyfully reminds me. So now I kneel down to kiss the blade for her sacred cut of kindness. I obediantly bow down before my Queen. She strings me up hands over head as she laughs at my nakedness. My embarrassing little penis swelling in the excitement and anticipation of my long-time desire and hunger for castration! My ripe purple plums swelling painfully, awaiting her merciful cut. Kissing, always kissing and begging her. Please, please castrate, castrate, castrate me! So I can become your Sweet submissive Sissy! I am told to repeat my Mantra before I will receive the gift from my Goddess. And so I repeat my prayer to my Gorgeous Goddess over and over. Today tomorrow always and forever, I must loyally serve my Goddess and forget my useless penis. Because I am not a man. I never was a man. But I can still love and adore my enchanting Goddess! De-balled and neutered like a dog for my Goddess, so I will always be now and forever, strictly obedient and servile to my Superior Goddess! It is how I will continue serving her! As it is meant to be! BUY ME A BRA! & CHASTITY CAGE ! Let's have fun together!