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princess andraya

bratty TEEN rich BITCH rai$e UR rate *GOLDDIGGER*

financial domination

financial domination Q & A
wat is financial domination 2 u andraya? its 100% total submission! i mean guys say that they want a girl 2 control them, but do they really? u can let a girl tell u wat 2 do, but it doesnt affect u as much as it does in ur wallet. how much control does ur wife have? can she control every penny that passes ur bank account?? R u set on a budget? R u good with managing ur money? well thats where FINANCIAL DOMINATION cums in. basically it means that everything u have of monetary value is mine! do u have bills due? well my bills R due and always more important than urs. trying 2 figure out how 2 tell ur wife ur 1k short on the mortgage, cuz u have been spoiling a TEEN brat, that wants all ur money and thats that?? all of ur paycheck, all of ur savings, all of ur college fund money, is going 2 me and ONLY me. especially when u dont wanna give it 2 me, thats when i want it the most. it makes my pussy wet 2 make u pissed off and not want 2 do things i tell u 2 do. the more u resist, the wetter my pussy gets! do u have feelings 4 these guys that SPOIL u all the time? YES! (but really the answer is FUCK NO!!) i mean i dont care about anything but shopping, spending money, squirting out my pussy, more shopping, spending money and making it easy 4 guys 2 live life BROKE as a joke!! how many guys have you FINANCIALLY fucked? omg T.B.D. (2 be discovered) a girl NEVER tells her right hand wat her left hand is doin' HELPFUL HINT FROM ANDRAYA: never tell a guy how much money he gave u, it mite make him realize he's a fucking idiot under ur spell and cant stop dishing out benjamins. ITS ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMIN'S BABY!! i FINANCIALLY fuck any guy that falls in like or love with me. how do u get these guys 2 give up all their money? wats ur secret? always remember, he needs u more than u need him. hes prolly a pathetic rich fuck that has tons of money and a career and a sorry ass sex life. he needs love, and if u LOVE money like i do, u will do watever it takes 2 make him think ur into him. and as soon as he drops his guard, drain him of every penny he has. after all, 401k is saved up 4 a reason. hey draya wat kinda gifts make u feel spoiled the most? i really love money $$ so u always have my attention there. go big rite off the bat, i love big $$$ gifts. expensive purses will make me happy. i love chanel, so pull out ur plastic, i only wear RED BOTTOMs and AIR JORDAN shoes. (limited edition) platinum jewelry, diamond-studded hoops, MAC make-up, donna karen, gucci, shopping sprees and surprise gifts, especially $$$$$$ gifts! so tribute! tribute! tribute BIG money $$ pig!!

phone sex profile
name: andraya but you can call me "draya". age: 20 eye color: blue height: 5'1 weight: 117lbs. zodiac sign: cancer baby! sexual orientation: spoiled! i like girls and guys. in relationship? only when i feel like fucking. special gifts: my pussy squirts, deep-throater, tea-bagger occupation: i'm a college dropout, so i decided phone sex was the only other thing i could do that would make me happy and money at the same time. things i love: i luv cumming! especially when i get paid 4 cumming and pleasing tons of guys at the same time. i luv making guys sprung on me. i like confusing guys into thinking i care, but i just want all their money *giggles* hilarious rite? -good times- things i hate: broke losers, little dicks, empty wallets, window shopping, discount stores. things that turn me on: unlimited spending accounts, cash, huge bank accounts, great credit, assets, rich guys eating me out. older guys, spending their pension, shopping sprees! (did i say that already???) perfect guy: one who wants to keep me satisfied day and nite, by spoiling the fuck out of me. a guy who isnt paying attention 2 how much money he is spending, but how happy i am while im spending it. a guy who gets direct deposit and has it going into my account 2 go shopping. a guy who loves me so much he refuses 2 let all my bills go past due. things i like 2 be called when im cumming: rich bitch, gold digger, bad bitch, goddess, princess and perfect!!