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Kinky Roleplays and Erotic Story Telling

Enough of the mundane, it’s time you escaped your everyday reality and spiced up your mental sexlife with some kinky roleplaying and erotic story telling.

I am a long standing FemDom and Fetish Queen, independently published Author, and wickedly sinful Goddess.

A good roleplaying session is like a fine adventure and story. It has a nice buildup, revving things up to an explosive climax that takes your breath away, and then gently brings you back to your reality always leaving you wanting more.

I can either be your roleplaying partner if you enjoy interacting or become your personal story teller so you can just sit back, listen and stroke while my old world charming voice carries you away into sexual satisfaction and carnal bliss.

I specialize in:

Tickle Torture Fetish / Erotic Tickling Fetish

The mean fat Therapist

“Ask God” or “Ask Satan” (your red phone)

Giantess Fetish

Religious Humiliation and Blaspheme Fetish

Race Play *all races*

Erotic Puppeteering / Love slave

Cuckolding and Key Holder

Nullo Emasculation

Forced / Coerced Feminization, Sissification

Whored out faggot Adventures

Karmic Revenge Fantasies

Gender Transformation

Witch Fantasies

Succubus or Incubus

Paranormal / Dark Erotica / Corruption
(Satanic Goddess – Satan in the Female Form)

Female Boss or Professor / naughty boy or beta male

Transformation Fantasies

Interrogation Fantasies

Ruination and Blackmail Fantasies

D & D type of Roleplays

Sexual Rejection

and many more…


If you are a first time caller to me, make sure you add enough money for a longer call. I will ask you question so I can get a feel of what you are exactly looking for.

I enjoy fantasy brainstorming sessions as well. Sometimes it is just fun to talk about it and develop a hot and kinky fantasy together.

Are you ready to play my dear? I know I am!

1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext. 1136-1921

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