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princess andraya

freakyTEEN sex fiend *extraKINKY* rolePLAy

fantasy roleplaying

fantasy role-playing Q & A
why do u like 2 role-play so much draya? well 1st off i have a very vivid imagination. there R so many nasty things i think about when im masturbating by myself at nite. i mean with ur imagination, u can think, do and fucking anyone u want 2. my imagination is TOTALLY outside the box. -giggles- i guess thats why i can think of fantasies and rolePLAYs off the top of my head really quickly when im talking 2 my friends online and stuff. i want 2 get off in a different way each time i fuck myself. i also like running into other people, who are willing 2 think outside the box with me. that means NO JUDGING, just fun 4 everyone. ya kno? u only live once, and i wanna make sure i fucked myself good this lifetime! does draya really play with her pussy on the phone? YES! i play with my pussy even when im not on the phone. i luv the sounds it makes when it gets super wet. i like 2 tease my pussy. wanna cum? nope not yet. tease this pussy and i will make her SQUIRT for you. thats how u kno she likes U when U make her squirt! how many guys have you PHONE-FUCKED? omg at least 30-40k. i was phone fucking even when i wasnt getting paid 4 it. thats why im so comfortable with talking about sex and stuff 2 guys. im not shy or embarrassed. i kno my clit was made 2 play with and my pussy was made 2 SQUIRT. so every boyfriend i every had, we always phone fucked. even if i dont end up sleeping with they guy, im sure i phone fucked him. and hey im in my 2nd year of college now, i phone fucked a lot of fucking guys *cheese* have u ever had a one nite stand draya? more than the average 20yr old for sure. i think one nite stands R so fucking hot. u meet a guy u never seen before and let him treat ur pussy like its not worth any respect. only sumone who doesn't kno u can really do that 2 u and it be real rite? just be urself thats all i want from you baby. thats a hot role-play cum 2 life! hey draya wat R ur favorite roleplays? i like 2 be face-fucked, it makes me horny. i luv getting my 8inch dildo and stuffing it down my throat while rubbing my pussy. it makes me so wet. i feel like sumone is standing over me using my mouth over and over again. ur my college professor that cant keep his eyes and hands off me. or maybe u can be my boss at work at my first job and make me do dirty things 2 keep it. all the girls in the office hate my slutty clothes but my boss just wont fire me for it! wat do u like most about sleeping with a guy? waking up with his cock still inside my pussy. cum dripping out my pussy cuz im a dirty bitch. just talk super fucking nasty basically tee hee! what R sum things that really turn u on during a role-play? i like when a guy is really vocal! that way we can really feed off each other and find out what we are into and go deeper and break barriers! the only time i like quiet guys, is when their wife or girlfriend is in the next room, and they are sneaking 2 jerk off with me. then that makes me TOTALLY WET and makes me wanna be extra kinky cuz i kno they cannot resist my kinky imagination. oh im totally gonna SQUIRT teasing u baby.

phone sex profile
name: andraya but you can call me "draya". age: 20 eye color: blue height: 5'1 weight: 117lbs. zodiac sign: cancer baby! sexual orientation: spoiled! i like girls and guys. in relationship? only when i feel like fucking. special gifts: my pussy squirts, deep-throater, tea-bagger occupation: i'm a college dropout, so i decided phone sex was the only other thing i could do that would make me happy and money at the same time. things i love: i luv cumming! like who doesn't rite? like maybe cumming more than 5x's a day is greedy, but who said u couldnt be greedy? tee hee! i luv money and shopping. i luv the smell of new clothes against my skin. i always like wearing the hottest stuff thats in. i fucking luv shoes. shoe whore. i need my purse, my heels and my jewelry accessories to be in sync. things i hate: i hate girls and guys who R afraid of being open-minded. like im not here 2 be ur wife, im here 2 be ur fantasy, ur dreams ur addiction. i want u 2 crave me and u want 2 be needed. so don't put ur guard up with me. its the only way we R going 2 cum good 2gether (totally must!!) things that turn me on: when sumone is like totally sprung on me and always stalking me. like always calling and wondering if i love u, or wanna talk 2. i wanna always kno ur beating ur cock thinking about me and how my pussy feels on ur cock. i like mutual masturbation, sex toys, cock sucking, fucking, teas & denial, finger-banging, back 2 front, domination, submission, name calling, degrading stuff. perfect guy: one who wants to keep me 2 himself and use me day and nite. one who doesnt wear a condom and fucks me hard. I must have cum inside me 24/7. u cant be afraid to get really sexual with me. i want a guy who is real even in our fantasies. i want a guy who is super nasty and wants 2 be nasty with me. i want a guy who wants me 2 cum like i want him 2 cum. and a guy who just doesnt give a fuck if i cum or not. tee hee things i like 2 be called when im cumming: bitch! (huge one 4 me) cumslut, cock-sucker, ass-licker, stupid piece of shit, cum hungry whore, prostitute, phone whore, dumb bitch, (you get the picture)