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Do you remember the way your breath caught in your chest as she revealed the fullness of her tits when she ducked beneath the chain link, sneaking off to smoke under the bleachers? You desperately wondered what filthy, slutty thoughts lay in the mind behind her kohl rimmed eyes, flashing defiantly, daring any jock to fuck with her and your pants would grow tighter as her barely there skirt swung side to side when she sauntered down the halls, occaisionally lifted up by a breeze sent from the gods to allow you a heartbreaking peek at the creamy curve of her thigh meeting her behind...You spent hours imagining how that pert, round ass would jiggle under the pressure of your palms, yet you knew she was untouchable to you. She was always taking off on the back of some older guy's motorcycle. You always wondered what happened to her… Why don't you come find out? I'm Adahlia, your punk rock girl crush all grown up and I am here to make you purrrr. You may have seen me in a certain kind of movie or in the day dreams of your wonder years and I am ready to share my deepest, dirtiest fantasies with you.