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Southern Sir

Real Lifestyle Dominant For Men, Women, Couples

RULES: 1. I am Sir or David. Either is fine as long as you are showing respect. 2. "Yes Sir", "No Sir"... Always show Respect. Never says "ok" to ME. "OK" means you could care less. If you care less, DO NOT CALL ME. 3. I am a real world DOMINANT who lives in the Dominant/submissive world 24 hours a day. I am not here to do phone sex. You want someone to tell you how they will fuck you.... there are any number of boys and Men on here looking to do that. I own real life/real world slaves. Some live with me. Some do not. I am here to add serious real life/real world slaves to my stable. I DO NOT do fantasy!! Look else where if that is what you seek. 4. Every slave has a purpose. Some are for sexual uses, some are for financial uses, some are for entertainment. Perhaps you are a slave of multiple uses. I am only interested in finding out which kind of slave you are. Maybe you are a slave with Dominant tendencies. Well you WILL NOT be dominating me, but I can guide you to develop those traits if that is what you are seeking. I am only interested in giving you a place to confess your need and help you develop those traits into something useful to ME for real world use. Whether you are an in shape hot ass fuck or a fat ass... you have a purpose and a use. Let's work together to find it. ABOUT ME: I am a successful person. I am not here for the money. I am here to do exactly what I said. I am interested in finding real world/real life slaves to add to MY stable for my use. I am a very average, early 30s college educated Dominant. I am straight but I have no issues with using a homo or fag; as they are usually the most willing to serve. I am in real life 5'10" tall. I weight 150 lbs. I am smooth with blond hair and green eyes. I wear a 9.5 shoe. I am a real 6.5 inches. I am an average person who is a True Dominant. I specialize in My daily life in cuckolding, financial domination, confession and daily accounting to achieve goals, a variety of fetishes, slave usage in a huge number of areas: sexually, domestic, and financial. I will not be posting false pics. As a professional person, I will not be showing my face unless we have talked for a very long time and I trust that you are willing to be owned. So do not ask. I am interested in those submissives who want to set goals and who need someone to offer a daily accounting of what has been done to acheive them. As we progress, you will be given daily assignments and you will report as these are completed within the time limit given. If you want phone sex, that is not what I am here for. I am here to help you achieve the goals you are looking to set. That is really why you are calling isn't it? Feel free to email me at anytime. I do respond to emails. Please leave feedback as I am interested in your feed back whether it be good or bad. A good Dominant can take criticism. I do not need to call you a bitch, slut, or a fag to know you are a bitch, slut, or a fag. Those titles are earned by your actions. So lets work together so you can prove what you are.