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Devi KaliMa

Worship Service to Devi KaliMa

I am not here to play to your fantasies... I was born with this religion. If you feel called to serve a true Goddess on earth, without lustful filth, then message me. The real work needs to be done. Temples need to be raised. Knees need desperately to be bruised in devotion. If the idea of being owned by a Tantric Goddess frightens you, then run away. If the idea of being controlled by a Vodoun Priestess scares you... go now. Or is it already too late? You want to know your vodou doll is safe in my possession. You want to hear Goddess whisper in your ear as you sleep. Then come to me. This entire world belongs to Goddess and you know it. Every dollar you earn is only in your possession temporarily. You feel the karmic weight of your greed and know that the only way to be free of guilt is to hand your money over to me. You will erect an altar to me, your Devi, and you will call constantly to tell me about all that you will give to me... And I will humiliate you for ever thinking that you were in control of your finances. How pathetic. What you will need for worship service: -Your Open Wallet -A Red High Heel Shoe -Honey -Water -Red Pepper Powder. And your sexual organ? It is nothing to me. Chastity, self-flagellation, edging with no release... these are the sweetest pleasures. I enjoy receiving your tribute as you suffer. Let your ego die in my presence. Now that you have read this, you have no excuse for not doing what you were born to do. I am done with games, aren't you? If you disgust me I will ignore you as the minutes tick away. Or, if it simply pleases me I will do so. How will you earn my attention??? What I will use you for: The finest wines, building my Temples, beautiful clothing, gold embellishments and jewelry, trips to the spa, and whatever pleases me. Tribute or call me now!