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Bella Banker

Help with withdrawals Sexy banking Raise the Rate

Banking,Raise the rate, raise your heart rate, sexy talk while draining teasing, Maxing, use of trigger words and control always sucking your accounts dry, SPH JOI, mind games, count stroke games BDSM pay for pain games.I am a substitute school teacher by day and sexy financial adviser by night. There are many reasons a person such as yourself might need my help. Perhaps your accounts are over endowed or you are physically under endowed, Whatever the reason you need me, I am here to help you, even if it seems to hurt you. Funds will need be diverted into my account as soon as possible so that I may invest in your future. This is for your own good! Financial gains will be made, solid assets will be acquired and managed by me. Long phone interviews are necessary to keep on top of your financial future. In some cases the call may be interrupted and you will be required to call me back within minutes to seconds or as soon as possible, my adviser rates will increase with the more of your funds I am holding and managing. Edging of hedged funds and other accounts may be in order or the order of the day.

I will need a full disclosure of your total holdings,habits, addictions, attractions and sort and long term financial goals

This will include sexual habits as I need you to divulge what your financial and sexual weaknesses are in order to ascertain what risk you pose to your and my short and long term financial goals.

I have Financial Fetish Goals that focus on:

  • Foot and Shoe... You Foot Bill I Shoo You Away $10.00 Bill
  • Lingerie & Stock Holdings (Bondage) $25.00
  • Leather & Pay Tax $50.00
  • Advisor Fee $100.00
  • Broker Fee $200
  • Deposit $500.00
  • Deposit $999.00
I Offer many forms of advice and money counseling. From those very soft toned and sexy to those down right ruthless and dirty. I have been known to refer to my clients as pay puppies, human ATMs, cash cowards, pay pigs and so on. I can and will drain you dry and appropriate your funds in a positive direction. Games include paid mail blackmail, raise the rate, pay per stroke, press a button game and more.