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Coral Bates

♡Pigs/Slaves/Tricks♡My Time Is Not Cheap!♡

100% Authentic Luxurious Ebony Fetish Goddess Coral

Hi, my dear pet! Today is the luckiest day of your life! You may ask, how is it that she is able to read my excitement? I know that you have been searching for years trolling and roaming the net wishing to find a %100 true Luxurious Ebony Goddess to indulge in and spoil!!! A Goddess in which you will not only submit too, but a Goddess that YOU WILL indeed be committed too. A true Ebony Goddess that you will have no qualms with in surrendering your cold hard cash too. A Goddess in which you will have no issues in worshiping, tributing, cucking for or even sucking for!

You see my pet, I am like the sun that rises in the morning, and sets in the evening. And just like the all-powerful sun I will bring light back into your life, and for that you will always honor me for being a part of your mere life. YOU will worship me, and I will become your new religion! There will not be a day in which you will not think of me nor do for me. As it is an honor to have been chosen to be in my presence

You see ever since birth I’ve been wreaking havoc in this mortal world, and have had many men fall weak to their knees on sight! I’ve studied men, men like yourself and the others who have yet to discover their true selves. What I’ve learned is that many men like YOU for some odd reason or another have never been able to completely “feel” or belong! We can also agree that submitting to a dominate woman on all fours with your head resting near her 6 inch stilettos hasn't been able to keep your heart nor keep you chained to your post. We can also say that being a personal foot pedestal doesn't quite feed your soul as well, nor emptying your bank account for any dense woman. As you've discovered those relationships don't last, and once again will lead you back to a journey of despair. So, the only question left is what will feed your starving soul? And of course the answer is ME! It is I that will feed your burning desire to be mentally and physically owned while you aim to become one of my highly acclaimed possessions! What's amusing is that I can sense that just by you reading this that your mouth is starting to salivate, and your dick has become alive. Just the thought of being under MY possession is driving you wild! Now isn’t it?

But hey! before, you get all excited my new pet! Lets set the boundaries. First things first! I am not a pro-domme and am a Goddess. I am not to be addressed as Miss/Misstress and wish to be addressed as Goddess Coral although I am found of corporal punishment. I like the salutation of Goddess better. Secondly, it is YOUR purpose to always ensure that you properly introduce yourself and inform me of your fetish/kinks. This way we can cut through any confusion. You will set the tone and I will lead you into my Heaven. Third, YOU are to always, yes always leave POSITIVE feedback on my page as you know that ratings depict your appreciation for your goddess, but it also keeps my account loaded.

One more thing is that you will never see a slew of my pictures. Therefore you MUST purchase content from my goody bag. You may even request custom videos which start Minimum:$5/Min – High: $10/Min. Well my new pet, enough has been said, pick up the phone and call me now! Listed below are the fetishes that I cater too and specialize in!

Ebony Goddess Fetish-Financial Relinquish Fetish-ASMR Fetish-Breast Fetish-Leg Fetish-Ass Fetish- Fellatio Fetish- Lipstick Fetish- Socks/Stocking Fetish- Soiled Panties Fetish- Moaning Fetish- Food/Fruit Fetish- Smoking Fetish-CEI Fetish- Hands/Feet Fetish- Underarm Fetish- JOI Fetish- SPH Fetish- Cuckold Fetish-Kissing Fetish-Voyeur Fetish-Spanking Fetish-Ball Busting Fetish- Verbal Humiliation Fetish-Laughing Fetish

Worshiping a Black Goddess; the act of one surrendering their entire existence to a celestial being that has graced the mortal world with her essence. Yet, to have only been labeled a Goddess - Goddess Coral-