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I like control. And I like money. What do you get when you combine the two? That's right. Financial Domination.

Welcome to The Financial Domination Hotline - where your control ceases to exist and money goes missing from your account on the daily.

I believe you need to work hard for the right to spend any of those pretty pennies. With me in control, you're going to be left hoping your bills end up getting paid. I might just need a new pair of heels ... and if that's the case, you might just have to go without internet for the month. Jeeze, I hope you don't have a girlfriend who this will all have to be explained to .. it'd suck to be you.

The control is a huge thing for me. I enjoy overseeing all of the finances, and really, I don't even mind doing it. How lucky does that make you? Almost like a free accountant except with a naughty twist.. I punish you if you've been a bad boy. Do you like being punished?

Now, we aren't talking just any kind of punishment .. we're talking a little bit of financial loss and maybe even a bit of blackmail if you've been really, really bad .. I like discipline ... I don't mind administering it, either ... In fact, from the very beginning of our call ... I'm hoping you WILL be a bad boy ..

Why? Because it benefits me .. in more than one way ..

Of course, if you do get in trouble ... there's ways to get out of it .. ways to earn brownie points if need be .. How does one do that you might ask?

Call Me NOW and find out.