Phone Sex

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No one understands how hard it is being you. No one appreciates the shit you have to deal with to get the job done and the bills paid. At work there's always some whiny bitch with an opinion or some brown nose know it all that knows nothing but always has something to say! Then you come home and no one is appreciative or impressed that you're the man that makes everything possible, not the little lady that's always complaining and spending, spending and complaining, not the little snot noses that always want something, not even the damn dog that just eats sleeps and shits! I know you've had a long day at the office and that if it wasn't for you shit wouldn't get done! I know you deserve to come home to a home cooked meal, some perky tits, a nice tight ass, and a flat tummy. Best of I know the importance of hearing all about your shitty day. Take a break from your miserable pathetic life and tell me how much of a boss, a stud, and a big shot you are! Come on and brag a little just for me, I get excited just thinking about you taking control and handling business!