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Ms Maddie Hayes

Sexy math nerd - I love to drain smart men!

"Too many people spend money they haven't earned to buy things they don't want
to impress people they don't like."
― Will Rogers

"Literature is strewn with the wreckage of those who have minded
beyond reason the opinion of others.”
― Virginia Woolf

Come into my world and play with me...

The real me

Here's a little fantasy vignette of an ATM meet to set the mood.

Tell me,

How would it feel to have a beautiful, intelligent, powerful woman draining you of your hard-earned money?

Somebody real, genuine, and worthy of your respect and $$$?

Learning about your deepest, most secret longings?

Bringing those hidden fantasies to life?

Would you like to find out?

Say hello. I won't bite...unless you want me to.

Expect play to total $300 and up.

Available for:

Phone drainings
Kinky stories, (pay-per-view or by phone)
Ongoing financial ownership reminders (you receive my $$ requests at any time)
Pre-negotiated blackmail
Male chastity and keyholding services (new to me, but I'm learning fast)
Dominant weight-loss coach
What else can your perverted imagination dream up?

And if you just want the pleasure of my company while you wank,
I'm happy to listen to your heavy breathing while I go about my business on my ignore line.

Also, I'm a busy girl and not often available to linger on NiteFlirt.
If I'm not on, reach out through chat to request a call.
I'm usually connected and will come online or schedule a time.

A brief note ahead of time with the kind of play you have in mind will help create the mindspace.
A modest tribute will signal the seriousness of your intentions.

Treat me to a cocktail...a classy way to get a girl's attention :-)


Ms. Maddie is a mathy software developer by day and a kinky good girl away from the computer. She thrives on new experiences, kink, and connection. And her favorite, extracting money from really smart men.


Looking for a more salacious photo?
Good girls don't post those for just any passer-by to see.
You can take a peek at my midriff in jeans here.

Still reading? More about me:

- I don't need your money. I'm a confident, successful woman with two degrees in male-dominated fields and I make a comfortable salary on my own. Your money becomes my play money, and a girl can never have enough of that. (smile)

- I thrive on intensity. I'm aroused by the power exchange of intelligent, confident, powerful men opening their wallets and bank accounts to me.

- By nature, I'm kind and perceptive with a high EQ. The more time we take to connect, the more intense the play. And while humiliation isn't really my style, I’m happy to accommodate if you prefer to be put in your place. Admittedly, I’m more the type to smile sweetly while I bruise your derriere with a paddle, look intensely into your eyes before I slap your face, and get really, really turned on, purring into the phone, while I gently drain your wallet until it hurts.

-In case you're curious, I'm 5'5 and 125 lbs with blue eyes. I have no tattoos, I keep fit, and every part of me is real. All of my photos are really of me unless captioned otherwise.

-Men notice me. I've never understood why, but they say I give off an energy that's unlike other women they've known. I'm the good girl with a hidden wicked side that successful men long to meet, date, marry; and fantasize about when they can't.

-I've been an active member of the Fet community for years. While I'm not suggesting or offering these activities, I’ve attended/participated in classes on the following topics amongst others:

Cock and ball torture
“So you’re a sadist and it’s ok”

It's always fun to share what turns us on.
Share with me the last porn link that you watched and I'll do the same (innocent smile).


And the best part is? Nobody would ever guess that this side of me exists. It’ll be our little secret. Ssshhh. :-)

The original "Maddie Hayes."
Thanks, Cybil!

This button is here to give somebody the power to really make the sun shine on my day.
Hey, a girl can dream, right?

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