Phone Sex

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Get on your knees and spread your wallet for me

Is your deepest desire to be controlled by a greedy young princess?

If you aren't willing to completely give up your freedom leave this listing now. This isnt some silly game. This is real. Your addiction is real. My greed is real.

You are nothing but a wallet. A slave. A form of entertainment.

Your name is no longer important. You will henceforth be refered to as wallet, slut, slave, sissy, or whatever I choose to dub you. What's important now is that you are a bank account. Nothing more, nothing less. You are one of many. You will do as I command because it pleases me.
Your pleasure is irrelevant

Sign your life away to me in my blackmail contract. Know that you are giving me every piece of information it would take for me to destroy your pathetic little life. You give it so freely because you want to feel owned, you crave the direction, the complete lack of control. To be mine gives your life meaning. You are worthless, nothing without my ownership. You will greet me daily, pay your cum tax without hesitation, edge mercilessly, and so much more. You will follow my directions and become who you've always been meant to be... whether you like it or not.

You are worthless. Nothing more than my wallet on legs.

So what are you waiting for?