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Cucks wanted - apply within


First of all, its a pleasure to have you with us today. I would just like to make you aware that at every step of this interview process, you will be treated with every bit of disrespect that you deserve. It has come to My attention that you believe yourself to be a cuckold, or that you think you may wish to serve as a cuckold.

Why is that? Are you unable to satisfy your wife? Does she screw other men in your bed whilst you are out at work all day, working a job you hate, and laughs in your face as soon as you get home? Do you smell his cologne on her skin, on your bedsheets? Aren't you man enough to get her off? I'm sure she's even taken lovers when you were in the same house. What a pathetic existence, you in the next room, hearing your wife crying out in pleasure as another man makes her feel things you could never hope to make her feel. Deep down, I'd wager you enjoy it, because you're weak. Deep down, I'm sure you'd love to watch. God, you're disgusting.

As always, I welcome most fetishes and fantasises, but I will not discuss raceplay, ageplay and/or anyone/thing unable to give consent. You will find I can be extremely clipped and extremely fucking cruel. Don't get on my bad side.


But that being said, I'm sure we can openly and frankly discuss this terrible affliction you find yourself cursed with. You are what you are, after all, and whether you find yourself needing to be pointed at and laughed by your wife and all her friends, or it's that pathetic little mushroom between your thighs - well, I'm sure we can get to the bottom of it all. You'll find me rather patient, as judgemental and cruel as needs be, and as reassuringly contrite otherwise. If you want someone to scream and shout abuse down the line, then sadly, I am not the Domina for you. I find wordplay far more enthralling, and getting into someone's head far more powerful. You see, you are handing over Control to Me - so I have no need to scream at you.