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submissive men always welcome in here...

I find myself in quite a predicament.

You see, I am a rather professional woman who is publicly happily married. And whilst I do adore my husband, he has one trait that I am privately starting to really dislike - I do not like dominance in a man. I believe a man should defer to women. After all, we are the superior sex; we are beautiful, intriguing and powerful. What I would love, more than anything, is to turn him into the little sissy I know he is fully capable of being.

In the meantime, I suppose, I should find men I can experiment on instead. I relish the thought of forcing him in women's underwear. For now, I find myself doing all manner of things to subtly remind him that he isn't actually in control. Flirting with his friends, his colleagues; ignoring him; reminding him that there's always someone bigger out there... there's lots of ways you can get under someone's skin, if that is what you so desire. I am under the impression that there are plenty of men here who understand my way of thinking when it comes to the role of women and their position of power over men. More than that, I also understand that there are plenty of men all too happy to be those experiments for me. Maybe you will be one of them. Perhaps you know yourself that the best feeling is wearing lacey underwear underneath your clothes. Do you wish you could wear them outdoors? Do you ever wear your wife's underwear out to bars, and feel guilty because you know she is probably looking for them in the bathroom? I bet you do. It's why you need to be able to speak to a woman about these desires - you need to talk about it.

Women are beautiful and superior to men - so if you expect me to sit and tell you that I'm more attractive than your wife or girlfriend, then I am not the woman for you.