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So... this is supposed to be where I tell you all about myself? Well, I could tell you that I have the tightest pinkest pussy of all the east coast and the perkiest tits of any girl my age, but that would probably make my profile just like every other flirts on here so I'll save us both the trouble. What makes me different? Well, first off, I don't do "fake", if I cum on the phone with you, it WILL be real. I'm not hiding behind some models picture either, the girl you see is 100% me. I also don't lie about my age, I am 28 years young. I've never done phone sex before, but I decided to give it a try because I am a very sociable and sexual woman in real life. I've always been the type of girl who likes dirty talk...especially when being fucked. Since I'm so vocal during sex, then it only makes sense that I should try the phone sex thing right? I live in Florida and I'm that rocker hippy chick that you will see in a record shop or a concert jamming out to one of my favorite bands; which btw I have too many to name! Ha! I love art and that includes body art such as tattoos and yes, I have many. I hate labels including the DOM or SUB labels. I am who I am and I don't fit in a tiny little box, but if you call me and tell me you're dressed like a girl, of course I'm going to laugh at you and I definitely won't cum. Nothing about Feminine men turn me on, sorry. My mood changes from time to time and sometimes I'm in the mood to make passionate gentle love, other times, I just want to be fucked like a dirty whore, and other times I just want to push you down and smother you with my ass until I leave your face a sticky mess. So anyway, here I am in all of my glory. Ps. If you like our call please leave a small tip or some good feedback. Pretty please:-)