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Vast and Curious

Be a good girl, and do as your told

Hi! My name is Jennaveve, but most tend to call me Jenna.

Depending on our relationship, I may end up being Queen Jenna, Lady Jenna, Mistress Jenna, and so on!

Welcome to my page , Vast and Curious!

Why did I choose that name?

It was an easy pick actually, for I have a VAST variety of sexual topics that I love to talk about, and I am extremely CURIOUS about human sexuality in general and am excited to hear about it all!

Who am I?

I am a very respectable, open-minded, unbiased, honest, experienced, intelligent, sensual, easy going, sexual woman in my mid 40's, who is simply fascinated with sexual topics of all kinds. I am an extremely good listener, and have a very sexy voice as well! Expect our calls to be stimulating, engaging, and very satisfying.

What to expect from me:

I am not an actor, a phone sex operator, or reading from any scripts. I am authentic, real, and will just enjoy sharing things with you. I don't mind role playing, experiencing things with you and having fun, but I will remain myself, and natural, which would be described as being a genuinely sexual woman anyway. I am not your 5 minute "get off" call, with a fake, pretending to be interested voice, although I am sure there are many advisors that can fulfill that for you, if you are looking for that. My calls actually run about 30 to 90 minutes filled with substance that will end up being a memorable experience.

The No No's:

Please , and do not ask me to do anything , or talk about anything that is not permitted on this site, (please read the rules of this site). We should all realize that we are extremely lucky to have this sexual internet playground to have fun in, so, please, let's not spoil it!

VAST topics & what I am CURIOUS about:

Sexual Fantasies / Sexual Fetishes:

I love to hear about all kinds of Fetishes and Fantasies! no matter how obscure or bizarre you find them to be. Tell me all of your secrets, desires, and stories! I will even share mine if you ask!

Sexually Climaxing/ Peeking:

I want to know what makes or breaks climaxing for you. Do you control them, or does someone else control them for you.

Big vs Small Penis':

I would be happy to assess yours, but I am particularly interested in your stories of humiliation and cuckhold scenarios. What stories do you have for me?

Dominant vs. Submissive:

Which are you? Tell me about getting your tush spanked, and put in your place! Tell me about your dog collar, bending over obediently, being a good little servant, and doing what you were told! I want to hear every juicy detail, do I make myself clear?

Anal / Vaginal sex:

Which do you prefer? Give me your best stories! Haven't experienced this yet? That's ok, you can tell me what you imagine, fantasize about .

Body parts :

I love hearing about the best and biggest pair of tits you have ever seen. Describe them to me. How about the largest cock? The tightest ass, the hottest man / woman you ever dated! Tell me all of the juicy stories, so I can visualize them too! Don't leave any details out please!

Exhibitionism / Voyerism:

Do you leave your blinds open so your neighbor can see you undress? Do you like to expose yourself? Do you wish you could be a stripper? Do you like to watch other women or men get naked? I am an exhibitionist at heart, so this one really hits home for me. I'm excited to hear all about it!

Transgender / Sexual Identity:

Do you feel like you were born the wrong sex? Do you like dressing up in women's clothing? I want to see a sexy picture of you in women's panties, a garter belt and high heels? Put some lipstick on for me and stockings too! Do you wish you can go out in public like that? Well you can, and I can help you to do that. Call me.

First time sexual experiences:

One of my favorite topics! What was your experience? Do tell! Want to hear mine? I don't mind sharing!

Scheduling/ Availability:

I am available anytime my button says "Call Now". If I am not available, then you are free to leave me an email and I will email you when I am on again. You can also check back to see as well!

Hope to talk to you really soon!