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: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

On this line, I humbly ask you to only call if you are seeking advice about your current relationship(s) and don't wish to get off with me, or play games. Please call one of my other lines for that :)
Perhaps, in general, you are a little shaky when it comes to intimacy, you get scare or awkward and don't know how to express yourself well enough to get your needs met in your relationship(s). Learning how would serve you to better create intimacy. I can help.
Perhaps you need to learn how to create passion or deepen intimacy in your D/s Dynamic.
Perhaps your gender identity is question and you wish to explore this as it affects your relationships.
Perhaps you have ideas about relationships and how they ought to be that have prevented you from developing a relationship with real intimacy. Let's explore the patterns and historical experiences that drive your current relational abilities so that you can free yourself from what's been holding you back.
Maybe you simply wish to learn better communication to enhance your current or future relationships both outside and inside the kinky bedroom or public sexy fun times with all your partners.
I am the perfect person to help you understand your role in a relationship(s). Especially if your relationships don't fit into the hetro-normative model of relationships. I can help you understand and accept your sexual self fully. It is because you don't fit into the hetro-normative oppression system's idea of who you ought to be as a sexual being that you likely find yourself here. You find yourself here seeking understanding and connection with someone who might accept you as you are so you can accept yourself.

If any of these words ring true then please call me. If I am not available email for an appointment. I am sure our conversation will be helpful. I am offering to help you create and sustain intimate relationships that are healthy and dynamic first and foremost. Healthy relationship create passionate, mind blowing and satisfying sexual experiences. You can have this in your daily life and I can teach you how. I will help you understand your sexual self in a way that you can then take it to your life and create dynamic, novel and passionate real life sexual experiences with your intimate partners.
Whatever your blocks may be, let's explore them...
Would you like to know the deepest pleasures possible with yourself or your current partner?
I can be your guide if you let me.
Please only use this special rate for calls about relationship advice. If you would like another type of service please call one of my other lines.

Serious calls only. I am professionally trained and hold a Masters in Counseling.

Mimi Madison