Phone Sex

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Your Goddess wants to suck you dry!

***NOTE: Ignore Line means you're calling to be IGNORED!!! Don't ask Me to actually TALK to you, and be thankful for the fact that I actually bothered to say HELLO to you before setting the phone aside so that you can continue to deposit MORE into MY account!!!*** Listen in on my life, 24 hours a day! GODDESS IGNORES Your Sorry Worthless Ass ::Yep...I'm up late ignoring LOSER fucks like you!!!:: Listen while I Ignore you and just go about my business while taking your money! You are on IGNORE! Listen in. Pretend you exist! You are worthless and boring to me. I do not care about your day or your life! Be a fly on the wall - maybe you will hear My voice in the background! Things I will Do While your being IGNORED LAUGHING at you,silence or maybe my fan running, Having sex,sleeping, grocery shopping, eating,Chatting online with friends/losers ,Talking on the phone,Taking a shower or bath,Watch TV,chew gum,Shopping, hanging out with friends, sleeping, taking a bubble bath,washing my hair,you may hear me typing away on the net, talk shit about men like you,listening to music,meet friends for drinks, laying out in the sun, running errands, partying, Laughing at you,and whatever the fuck I want while you jerk off and I forget you're there, ... I might even be put on Hold and tell you to wait till I get back. while you wonder where I am at and if I am ever comming back to pay attention to your pathetic ass it doesn't really matter does it? If your lucky maybe ill pop back on the phone every once in a while to see if your enjoying being ignoring I love being spoiled so the more you spoil me the better it gets..... While youre listening to me having fun you can send tributes... If not, I might get bored and hang up on you! hahaha If I feel like it, I might return to the phone to tell you how pathetic you are. Let's see how long you can handle being ignored by Me and test your devotion to Me! You might be allowed to talk, trying to get My attentions during My ignore session, but don't expect to get it... it's not that easy! Be fucking thankful that I am giving you this opportunity to pay for the privilege of being able to listen in as I go about my daily activities being a sexy spoiled bitch. When you are done listening to me live my amazing life, tell me how bad you want to be my slaveā€¦ I just might accept you... This is the only LINE that you may try to get my attention and I may talk to you