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Addicted to Porn?  Do you find yourself always thinking about watching porn? You just can't seem to get enough of it can you? Do you sneak off to the bathroom at work and pull up a porn vid on your phone just so you can stroke one out before getting back to work? Do you find yourself cancelling plans with your friends just so you can stay home and watch even more porn? You just can't seem to shut porn off.

Addicted to Stroking? You just can't keep your hands off of your cock.  You see a hot girl and you want to stroke.  Just walking down the street is too much temptation sometimes and you just want to stick your hand down your pants and rub one out.  You can't even function unless you are stroking.  Stroking consumes your every thought. Do you find yourself hiding in the bathroom sometimes just to stroke? You just can't resist stroking.

Addicted to Paying?  You just can't keep your hands out of your wallet.  It started off slow maybe a $20 here and there and thats when you realized you actually liked it, maybe even loved that feeling of giving your money away to a hot bitch, but that $20 wasn't enough and after a while you found yourself digging deeper and deeper and before you knew what was happening your bank account started to dwindle down and your credit cards started to get maxed out.   Your paychecks were disappearing - and yet you still can't seem to stop. Nothing gets you hotter than opening up that wallet and blowing loads of cash.

Addicted to Drinking?  All you do is think about alcohol wondering when you will get that next drink.  It makes your mouth water just thinking about it right now.  You love drinking with a hot women, especially when she tells you to pour another shot.  You love those intox games, don't you? She is smiling sweetly at you while encouraging you to pour another and you just don't want to disappoint her so you oblige. You know what is going to happen to you, but you still can't resist.

Addicted to Humiliation?  It gets your loser dick hard to hear a pretty girl laughing at you and telling you how much of a fucked up loser you really are.  You know you are not man enough for her.  You know your dick could never satisfy her. The only satisfaction she gets is when she is making fun of you and making you feel like the fucked up degenerate loser you know you are.

My name is Elinah and I make no claims to being a therapist.  I mean really if you think about it why would you need therapy for an addiction that makes you feel so fucking good? I know you don't want to stop. You know you don't want to stop.  I am here to give you the encouragement you need for whatever addiction(s) you may have.  Wouldn't that be so refreshing for a change? For once in your life, there is no more hiding.  You can be the truly fucked up addict I know you to be.

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