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Intelligent, cruel, sensual Scots-Italian Domina

You may have stumbled across my Twitter feed, my blogs or various other pieces of writing. How lucky for you that I decided to set up an account here; I expect you to be suitably enthralled by my presence. And why am I here? My own amusement. I enjoy phone based Domination. I enjoy watching you making a fool of yourself on webcam. That laughter is quite genuine. My profile is long because I expect you to read it. There's a good boy.
Let me clarify some matters before we go any further. No, I am not going to meet you - don't embarrass yourself further begging or pleading. Yes, I have an accent. Yes, it is incredibly sexy, how frightfully observant you are. Such a pity that you will only be able to bask in it under the orders of Mistress. I have better things to do with my day than shout and scream obscenities; I am intelligent, with wordplay almost as sharp as my tongue. Is it hard to go through your existence, knowing that your place is to serve Women? Do Women laugh at you, because you can't satisfy them? Oh, I don't mean your size - that is far too simple - but on a deeper level. Have you ever been told you just weren't man enough?

Is that why you hide your secret collection of women's underwear? Are you stroking satin lingerie now between the fly of your jeans, letting the world know externally What A Man You Are - but deep down, you're just a dirty little sissy girl who longs to be told how pretty you are? You don't even want me to call you pathetic; you want me to dress you up and tell you that you're the prettiest girl, don't you? With your ruby red lip and cute little blonde hair. You want someone to stroke your inner thighs all the way up to your tight little cunt and tell you how beautiful you are -

But, of course, you might want me to force your face into a pillow and tell you what a dirty little fucking slut you are. Mistress has eight inches of silicone to demonstrate you what a whore you are, and you're going to take each one...

I am a lifestyle Dominatrix, who plays in BDSM in Her personal life. If you ask Me if I am submissive, I will hysterically laugh down the line at how cute this question is. Of course, it is also insolent, and insubordination always deserves punishment. Domination is, after all, an umbrella term for a collection of fetishes. A smorgasbord, if you will. It all comes down to the basic principle of Control, and you believe that you need a lot of it. You know that your place is at My feet, serving Me. Isn't life so much better when you don't have to think for yourself; you just have to follow instructions? Aren't the rewards just so much better? I'm sure you get so tired of everyone else expecting you to make decisions all day. Everyone is so dependent on you. Everyone turns to you for responsibility.

And that is precisely why you are here now, at My feet, on the wrong end of a leash. Don't you think my shoes look pretty? I do. Of course you do, you're a deviant. That's why you can't stop thinking about the arch of my feet; the smooth curve of my sole as it flexes into my toes; even now, you can feel your breath quicken as your mind races through a kaleidoscope of colours as to the gel finish on my feet; how delicious they would feel trampling into your back or ribs. Look how big your eyes are getting, Mr Wolf. Look how much your chest is rising with each successive breath.

But I'm sick of you looking at my feet right now, because I didn't give you permission, and frankly your other reactions are making me nauseous. This is why you need Control. You need a Woman who will tell you how to behave appropriately, because you just aren't. You don't want me to be disappointed in you - do you? Disappointed Mistresses invariably fetch the cane, and you will learn one way or another...

The main problem I have though, is how little you satisfy me. You know that's why I have to fuck other men; but that's the story of your life, isn't it? Women laughing at you. Is it that small? Do you get embarrassed in locker rooms and hope no-one notices? Oh. I'm sorry. Did I just remind you of those times your wife used to come home smelling like another man, with a coy smile on her face, speaking down to you? Did she make you touch her without even showering? That's such an awful memory to relive for you, isn't it? You poor soul. It's just like all those times you could hear those women shrieking with laughter at you. Did she take photos of you and DM all her friends, and you knew she had a group chat where they all tore apart your manhood? You can still hear that laughter ringing in your ears every time you close your eyes...

Maybe that's because your excuse of a cock is fucking pathetic and you deserved it. Perhaps I should get some of my friends to laugh at you as well - I have a history of it, and I know some incredibly cruel women who would happily join me in going to town in defleshing your every insecurity. Humilitrix? I create fantasies, both written and real, for a living. Would you like to find out just how cruel I can be? Your mushroom is the least of your worries.

I have no desire to continuously write more for you to have uncontrolled access as God knows where your dirty little hands are going. For those with their interest suitably piqued - I am a Scots-Italian Dominatrix with many years of experience in the industry (starting originally in 2009). You can follow my writing on various sites as well as Twitter since I returned from retirement. Owing to time zone differences (I am +5 hours EST), you can email me if I appear offline. This is not a phone sex line.

I repeat: this is not a phone sex line. I will verbally tear you apart if you think I care about you getting off.

  • Areas of interest, in no particular order:
  • CBT
  • Humiliation
  • Cuckolding
  • Sissification
  • Forced bi
  • Foot worship
  • Slut training
  • Maid training
  • Cross dressing
  • Strap on play
  • Interrogation
  • Female supremacy
  • Blackmail fantasy