Phone Sex

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Goddess Silver

I want your wallet empty and your balls full.

Welcome pet,

It seems the daily responsibilities on your shoulders have become too heavy. You put on a facade of strength for the world when in truth you are a weak-willed loser. Searching for someone to take the reigns and put you in your place. Now that you have stumbled upon my temple, are you man enough to crawl through the door and beg for forgiveness for being weak?

I am a true Goddess that immensely enjoys seducing her slaves out of every dollar in each and every one of their wallets. Knowing my slaves sacrifice their paychecks and savings because they want to maintain such a lavish lifestyle for their One and Only Goddess keeps me happy throughout my adventures across the country.

I have always expected men to cater to My every whim, no matter what they have to forgo, in order to meet My expectations. I never needed a man, but found that they have a deep need for My approval and My attention just for the hope of receiving My affection.

I know that you will fall under this same spell and will be obsessed with my insatiable appetite for your hard earned cash.