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Cock Queen Candy

Calling All Sissy's! Mistress of your dreams here!

I am a strong and experienced Mistress. I specialize in Sissy's. I can take care of EVERY need and desires you have.

The excitement and thrill of slipping those lacy panties on. Your heart races as I put them on you, along with that sexy bra and stockings. I slide a silky dress over your head.The feel of it on your skin makes your clitty so hard. You see me take out that tube of red lipstick. Your heart starts to pound faster as it touches your lips. Slowly sliding across your mouth. You can taste it, cant you.

I know the woman in you and will bring her out. I understand how you need to please a man. How your little pussy aches for that big cock inside it. How hungry you are for it. I will give you a female name that you need to call yourself at all times in my presence.

You can have girl talk with me. I will even pick out clothes for you online to wear. Whether it be a sultry look, a school girl look, a total cock whore look, or any look we come up with together.

If you are a new Shy Sissy, or you are wondering if you even really are a Sissy as you never had these feelings before, I will be gentle and help you understand what you are. You can tell me your fears, your confusion, and anything that's going through your mind. Having counseled many Sissy's, and many who were unsure of what they were and what those feelings meant, I already 'do' know whats going through your mind.

I will show you how to embrace it and be proud of it. I will give you dildo sucking and strap on lessons. I will help you dress. I will make you the very best Sissy you can be, inside and out! .

For my more experienced super horny Sissy's who cant get enough cock, I WILL use you like a fuck toy. I know you crave my cock, and all my Bull's cocks as well you slut. Well Im going to give them to you. Every inch in your wet hungry pussy.

I really love my super slut Sissy's. I get off on watching them be the party favor at my special parties. They love the humiliation and I love to give it to them. There are so many ways to expose you, calling you a little bitch faggot while you are swallowing all those cocks. Drenched in cum. I know how badly you need it.

Of course, there are many other ways to totally humiliate and degrade you as well. My little dick hungry jizz whores revel in those situations. The spotlight is on them while all those throbbing boners, and whatever else happens to be there, use them. Hard. You, my darling piglets, are my prized pets.

Mistress does have certain rules. And one is NO CUMMING without my permission. If you do cum without my permission you need to pay the cum tax to stay in good graces with Mistress. If you fall out of good graces with Mistress than you need to pay the Penalty Box to get back in

I want to hear ALL of your deepest desires and naughty, secret fantasies. I want to bond with you and have a close connection. You are safe with me and can tell me what is really on your mind. I will take you on a Clitty draining journey that will have you weak on your knees.

Spoil me, I'm worth it! A good Sissy knows her job is to do everything possible to take care of Mistress and keep Mistress happy.