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Tell me what feminization really means to YOU



To start with, I'm not much of a sissy wrangler. Dressing you up only goes so far. We can paint your nails and after that, it's like, well, watching paint dry. There are dozens of ladies on here who LOVE making you over into a girl, and who will do it much better than I would.

So why call me?

Because I want to get to the softly beating heart of your feminine self.

Are you a sissy gurl, swooning over ruffles and petticoats? A seriously sexy crossdressing diva? You may be trans, out, and passing, or perhaps deep down inside you feel like a woman and don't dare let anyone know. Maybe you just like to play the role once in a while. And your feminized erotic desires . . . may lead anywhere!

You see, it's not just a simple matter of slipping you into something feminine and a pair of sheer stockings. You have your very own unique desires and needs--and I love hearing about them!

I'd like to help you enjoy exactly who you are and who you want to be, from the inside out. I can be a great listener, an experienced advisor, an occasional sissy mistress, your lesbian lover, and rough or sweet with a strap-on, as the occasion requires. You want to make my day? Give me your virginity . . .

Now I'll tell you a little secret of my own--I take everyone at face value. So if you tell me, seriously, that you love dressing up, acting as a woman, or that you feel like a woman sometimes (or all the time), I will seriously listen to you talk about it. If you want me to belittle you, humiliate you, and tell you what a weak little sissy faggot you are, you've gotta give me a hint! Because treating people that way isn't in my basic nature :)

Are you ready to tell Miss Emma
about your feminine side?




Did I make your life just a little bit better?

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