Phone Sex

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Talking with my mouth full!

Hi, I'm Nova, and I am no stranger to phone sex. When I was in hs, I was notorious for being the "phone sex girl" . Everyone from guys in my english class, to men across the country, would call and stroke themselves for me while I sat in my bedroom and moaned their dirty fantasies into their ears. Aural stimulation is something that will ALWAYS turn me on in an instant. Whispering, dirty talking, the wet, slick sound of you stroking your cock, or the creamy noises from me fingering my pussy...mmm...Its making me wet just thinking about it! I am 5'2", and a voluptuous 250lbs. My bra size is a 40DD, and I wear a 3x in panties. I have a smaller waist but my ass and thighs carry most of my weight....I love how they jiggle and shake when I move ^_^. One of my favorite things to do is EAT! I love the sounds my mouth makes when I chew and swallow... licking my juicy plump lips...the saliva pooling on my tongue as I cant wait to get to the next bite. You should listen sometime...I'll bet you'll be craving me before you know it.