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Earth Angel

❤️Spiritual Guide ❤️ Explore your true self 11:11

Would you like to be free of inner conflict? Experience more joy in life? To find true love? Have a positive impact not only on yourself, but those around you?
Do you struggle because of negative thinking? Do you know something is missing? Imagine right now you are going for your dreams. Who would you be? Imagine living your true potential and being your Best Self?
We often unconsciously carry the traumas and destructive patterns of our ancestors, which may manifest in our daily lives as unresolvable personal problems and relationship issues.
​ I help my clients create inner alignment so they can experience more joy in their lives and fulfill their purpose for being as well as contribute to a peaceful world.
I am currently offering the following distance services

♕ Chakra balancing
♕ Love Advice/Guidance
♕ Energy healing
♕ Ho'oponopono
♕ Distance Reiki
♕ Guided meditations
♕ Custom ASMR/Hypnosis MP3's
♕ Tarot readings (general, twin flame, life partner)

I am here to bring healing, to elevate you, and give you angelic wisdom. I am an earth angel, or a life path guide. I am the one who will keep you on track and push you to being your best self. I am here to lift you out of spaces of loneliness, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Not to serve your sexual desires, there are many other talented women here for that purpose. But for many of you sexual gratification is never enough. Deep inside you have a longing to understand why you are never happy and fully satisfied with your lives. This isn't for all, but many. Know you are here for a reason, and you needn't be afraid of the coming shifts in your life. What would a session with me entail? 20 Minute Phone Consultation to answer any questions about the process. Healing sessions last about 2 1/2 hours. Your Healing Session may include counseling, soul retrieval, entity extraction, ancestral healing, sound healing, chakra balancing, curse unraveling, reiki, healing ancestral patterns, and/or other forms of shamanic healing based on the individual’s needs. At the end of your Healing Session, homework suggestions will be offered to deepen the integration of the healing and to support your continued health in body, mind and spirit.
20 - 30 minute Follow-Up Phone Consultations will be done every few weeks or as needed, after your healing session to discuss your experiences from the work, to offer guidance in the healing process, and to determine if additional work would be helpful.

Let me help you re-align shift your priorities and lighten your burdens. I am here to help with your mental, physical, and emotional concerns. I guess you could call me a spiritual therapist or goddess guide. I have a deep understanding of occult and metaphysical knowledge. My appearance is seemingly young, but I am thirty years of age. My experiences are vast and I have much wisdom to share. I enjoy the topics of conscious creation, transforming lives, astrology, alchemy, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, shamanism, tarot, Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, Pleadians, Egypt, conspiracy, science fiction being science fact, and philosophy. I do not limit myself to any one religion, political party, construct or concept. Intuition guides my life, and it's a magical journey. I hope to help you find your peace. Are you ready to align yourself with your potential and are excited to life live from a higher plane of consciousness?

Please note** I don't do cam shows or phone sex unless I feel a spiritual connection to bring you healing. My energy is reserved for the ones truly seeking spiritual growth and guidance. I do not ask for extensive amounts of money, but I do need some form of energy exchange from you monetarily for my time. Time is all we have and I hope you can appreciate mine the way I shall appreciate yours. I will guide you through a powerful healing journey that serves as a catalyst for transformation to a thriving vibrant life!
Speak soon
~Your Spiritual Goddess
Message me with any questions you may have about your spiritual concerns.

Spiritual Healing should not replace consultation with a doctor or psychologist.

You have my heartfelt gratitude if you feel guided to provide an energy exchange in the form of a donation to support my work.