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100% REAL Ebony Goddess- Scheduled Cam Shows Avail

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Attention: You must schedule Cam Shows with me in advance!
Have you ever been to Arizona?

I haven't. But I know is that its it fucking hot and heat can be demanding.

Just like me.

I am your BBW Ebony Goddess Arizona. I am everything you could ever want in a Mistress…

I am no stranger to Niteflirt nor making men crave me…

I am your BBW Ebony Goddess. I am everything you could ever want in a Mistress…

I am no stranger to Niteflirt nor making men crave me…I have had my share of subbies in real life.

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Yes, this is a cam listing but I am not here to perform for you. I repeat: I am NOT here to perform for you.

You are here to perform for me. I am the director. You are the puppet.

I will not fuck myself for you...but you will fuck yourself for me...

I will wear whatever I feel like wearing on cam. But who says you always get the same luxury?

If you can hold my attention long enough, I will tell you exactly what to wear when you present yourself to Goddess Arizona.

I do not have to be covered in latex in order to command your submission.

I am not here to impress you... You are here to impress me.

You need my approval and my validation...not the other way around.

That is the way this goes.

I love to see you in your panties and heels...I love to see that little dick on cam so I can show you want a real cock looks like.

My laughter will make your little wee wee shrink even more as I demand that you treat it badly as it looks…

Speaking of laughter, I am a fun loving Goddess. I'm not all stiff and stone faced. I may even allow you to watch some NetFlix with me or have some long conversations about your strange life… I will listen-

But never take my wit and smiles for weakness. I am still very much in control of this shit and will punish you if you fuck up.

I am not an unreasonable Goddess… I will not just look at you on Cam. I will allow you to:

Worship my big round black will tell me how perfect it is and how much you love its taste...

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Drool over my full sensual lips..Do you want to watch me apply my favorite lipsticks while you daydream about what it would be like to qualify to kiss them…?

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Praise my natural D cup tits...There are soft...irresistible and reserved for the worthy…
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Lick my sexy black boots… You better make sure my boots are happy...they get very...mean when they are upset.
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Yes, I can be bitchy but I can also be sensual. Just because I can raise my voice doesn't mean I always need to.

I also love it when my subbies confess to me all the dirt they keep swept under the rug...So if you have something to confess…do it.

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A few other things to note about your new Goddess:

I am not a fan of the demanding submissive. You are not in control. At all.

My goal is control. In order to control you I must know you. In order to know you I must talk to you and pick your little slut brain. So with that being said, set aside at least 30- 60 min + for our cam session.
I do not do previews of any kind. These photos are more than enough.

I am particularly into the following:

Financial Domination Cam Shows

Cuckold Cam Shows

Small Cock Humiliation Cam Shows

Religious Blasphemy Cam Shows

Sensual Domination Cam Shows

FemDom Cam Shows

CBT Cam Shows

Black Mail Cam Shows

Cross Dressing Cam Shows

Anal Training Cam Shows

Bi-Boy Cam Shows

Body Worship Cam Shows

Race Play Cam Shows (from me to you)

Plus MORE Instructions: Buy my Skype ID

Prepare to become a full blown Goddess Arizona Junkie

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