Phone Sex

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I am having a love affair with your money darling!

What??? No pictures to look at, jerk off to, and get all weakened by? Nope, not on this listing my sweet. If you want picture you will be a very good boy / sissy / bitchlet  and go to MY GOODIES PAGE and buy them. You know why? Because here you provide for what I want and everything including being permitted to look at me costs you money.

Oh now don't pout Babycakes. You'll get used to it... eventually... *wicked little laugh*

You tell me how much you love me darling and that is nice, but if you love me sweetheart then you’ll give me everything and anything that makes me happy! Guess what makes me happy! Go on, it’s not that hard to figure out.

Look at you, aren't you a clever big boy, you got it the first time around – that’s right taking that hard earned money of yours and either saving it for my travels or spending it on anything I like, makes me VERY happy. It turns me on, makes me wet, and makes me smile real hard. You love it when you are able to be the reason that happens don’t you?

Oh I know that your friends and co-workers would never understand your attraction to being in love / lust and under control by a greedy woman like me. They’d think you are the biggest of fools, the most laughable of losers, or maybe they’d see you as the wimpy weak pussy whipped sissy they always used to pick on and made fun of.

In my eyes however you will simply be my cash pet and adoringly devoted and generous to a fault loving bitch boy or gurl, who is there to keep me happy, amused and with whom I have that special type of sexually rejecting but intimately embracing FD relationship with.

Of course you will need to be a very good boy for me, do as you are told, give me what I want and solemnly swear to give me your sweetly weak pathetic and financial best at all times. I simply won’t have it any other way.

Don’t tell me what you’ll do for me lover, show me! Don’t ever make promises you won’t hold my human pet, impress me. Sacrifice so sweet and lovingly for me, not because I force you to, but because it’s the only way to my heart and to keep my attention.

Remember what I said creampuff and doughboy – I am having a love affair with your money and I only give my attention to the things that provide me with what I love!


Goddess Bella Donna