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Hehehe, OMG, they gave me a new nickname today after I let them all enjoy me during lunchtime. Now they call me "Pass Around Puddin" lol, is it wrong to like my new name? I sure hope not because I do! hehehe, I LOVE IT and really LOVE being the most popular! I'll to do whatever it take too ;-) Anything!

What would you want me to do to help make you happy? would you share me with your friends or coworkers? or would you just like to spy on me while I slut out in a private place. Lift up my skirt or top for strangers when they ask me too, with a little smile and a thank you to let them know what a good slut whore I am.

Being a slut whore is the best! I love it and want to please any and all who also love it. If being passed around is cool I want to do it as often as I can to please you right. Every day, every night, anytime!

Being the only girl at the party is my favorite, you trained me right and they all think so. you're the best ever to share me and pass me around like you do. hehehe.

Don't see me on, no stress, just go here instead and enjoy my sexy voice as I tell you how I got my new pet name at your bosses party, giggles. you'll be so proud of me, I know.